How did it feel this morning

when your alarm went off

And, yet again, you had to drag yourself out of bed

to shower quickly and put on the same dull blouse, dark trousers and sensible shoes?

You are so much more than that suit.


But, you’ve been stuck in your corporate straitjacket so long you’ve lost sight of who you actually are. Somewhere down there is that fun-loving, vivacious, passionate globetrotter who was all set to change the world.

I know you've sneakily checked out the price of one way flights to Ecuador while typing up the notes for your team’s Exciting New Project that’s just as dull as all the others.

While Ecuador might look tempting, you know deep down that quitting your job is a really stupid idea. Backpacking with 3 spare t-shirts and a single pair of flip flops may sound tempting, but you know that it would only be a temporary escape.


If you’re honest with yourself, you want a ‘normal life’ too.


A comfortable home. Nice clothes. Exotic holidays. Time to hang out with your boyfriend. Time to play with your kids.

It doesn’t have to be a choice of one life over the other.

...Of freedom vs security

...Of fun vs wealth


You CAN live life on your own terms


What if you could create your own schedule, choosing which hours you worked and what you did?

What if you could work from anywhere - your home office, an apartment in Paris, a sea-front villa (heck, even your bed!)

What if you were finally felt totally on-purpose, of real service in the world?

Most importantly, what if you could have all this AND bring in a consistent, comfortable income?


unfortunately, You can’t have it all in a regular job.


Wages are squeezed and overtime is the norm. You’re dependent on your boss being in a good mood on review day to scrape that 1% payrise. You most definitely can’t sneak off to the south of France to work poolside looking out over the Cote d’Azur!

But, when you run your own Freedom Business, you live life on your terms. You set your working hours, your prices, the type of clients you interact with. You decide where to work and what you’ll do. Don’t enjoy something? Outsource it! Suddenly life is free.

Entrepreneurship gets a bad rap. We think we need to be Mark Zuckerberg or Richard Branson, or some meanie from Dragon’s Den. But you can be your wonderful, feminine, friendly self and still make money with integrity, and change the lives of others while you do!


I know you can do this, because I did it too


Rosie Paterson-064.jpg

I was a burnt-out investment banker. My job was literally killing me, slowly and painfully. The stress had made me develop serious health issues, and I was exhausted and broken.

I was so drained from my life of grey suits, strip lighting and three meals of takeout per day, I’d lost my own identity.

I healed myself through healthy food and became a natural living expert, building a business out of my passions, working the hours I wanted to work and developing strong business structures that I could automate to keep my working hours way down.

As I built my business, my love of entrepreneurship grew stronger and stronger. My health coaching clients started coming to me for business advice. I realised I had created a dream life for myself, and I wanted to help others have this too.


On a typical day, I wake up and head to my favourite cafe in Marylebone, London - just around the corner from my home. I sit with a green tea and go through my own personal development ritual for an hour or so. Then I plan out my day, noting what needs to be done. I delegate some of the work to my virtual support team. Afterwards, I sit down in my home office to work on anything from calls with amazing clients to creating new free content for my community.

Once in a while, I shake it up a bit and head to The Connaught, a luxury hotel near my place. It's one of my favourite spots work from there because I LOVE the vibe (the afternoon tea is to die for by the way).

I take time for myself every afternoon - either a walk in Hyde Park, 5 minutes from my house; or maybe a massage; sometimes I even just sit with a book. Often I mingle with my new entrepreneurial friends, sometimes for a working date and sometimes just to sit and chat. 

I cook dinner with my boyfriend every evening and we plan our next trips abroad (LA, Japan, Croatia, Corsica and Barcelona are in the 2016 pipeline already). If I want to upgrade something in my life - a bigger place, a more luxurious holiday - I just add that to the budget and work out how the money will come in.

As for my income, I’m now earning more than I thought I’d ever earn, even at the start of my business, and definitely more than in my previous investment banker role. My own self belief and confidence has soared - I’m totally unlimited in my thinking. I’ve got BIG plans for the next couple of years.

More importantly..

Nowadays, instead of drowning in negativity; instead of being forced to work with people I don't like, slaving away at work I don't believe in.. 

I spend my time doing work that excites me, ONLY with people I find interesting. I work in stimulating environments and purely on my own terms.

Best of all..