The Living Rosy VIP Day is perfect for you if...

  • You know there’s more for you out there than spending your days in a grey cubicle - but you just can’t piece your escape plan together

  • You dream of being totally free and living life on your terms - but you don’t know how to balance earning the money you need with the free time you desire

  • You feel stifled paper-pushing in your bureaucratic corporate job - and yearn to make a lasting impact helping others

  • You are determined to build something of your own - but you can’t seem to get started alone

  • You’re exhausted trying to find the answers - and you desire to feel supported and confident in your direction

  • You’re unhappy and stressed in your current life - and want to make a change before the negative feelings start to affect your health


Meet me for a day at a fabulous five star hotel. Allow yourself to indulge in a luxurious day - spent entirely focused on you, your dreams and your future.

I know travel is something you aspire to - even in your most distant, secret dreams. Too often, we repress our deepest desires because they feel “too much”: too bold, too big, too selfish, too unrealistic.

For example , when I asked in my Living Rosy community where my readers would like to meet, I heard back only local venues - London mostly.

Yet, when I suggested something a little bolder - Paris, or Italy - it opened up a beautiful conversation around their biggest dreams and desires. Everyone wanted to meet in Paris, Rome or Los Angeles. Some even costed out hiring a private jet (£10,000, in case you’re interested!).


That’s the power of dreaming big.


So, I’m offering three fabulous locations over the next two months. I invite you to join me for one of two distinctly different experiences:

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 16.14.43.png
Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 16.14.53.png

   London, UK

  • Meet me at my traditional private members’ club in London’s Belgravia. Receive a fabulous Scottish welcome in this home away from home in London’s most prestigious neighbourhood
  • Enjoy the history and style of Europe's most cosmopolitan city - and my home for the last 5 years
  • We’ll treat you like a Queen - and who knows, you may even bump into a member of the Royal family while you're there - the Queen and Princess Anne are both members

Select Dates February and March



Los Angeles, USA

  • Join me for a day when I’m in Los Angeles in March at the fabulous Ritz Carlton hotel in Marina del Rey
  • Discover the chilled, upscale neighbourhood of Venice Beach. Shop the boutiques on Abbot Kinney and feast on delicious vegan food  and cool green juices
  • There’s something special in the air in LA - they don’t call it the City of Dreams for nothing! Up level your dreams in our day together

Select Dates Late March




  • I'm heading to New Zealand for the first time! Heads up Aussies, Kiwis and SE Asia-livers - I don't get down to your corner of the world very often, so I'd love to connect while I'm down there!

  • Meet me in laid-back Auckland for a day of business planning, preferably with a crisp glass of NZ Sauvignon in hand.

  • We'll meet at a luxury hotel in the city - and I'm excited to explore this new place with you!