Ladies, I'm so proud of you!


6 months ago, you had no business. 

You didn't know if you would even make it.


But, You took a leap of faith into Become Your Own Boss, and now you've...

+ Set up your business structures

+ Found your niche

+ Started building a list


It's been my honour and privilege to watch you grow, commercially and personally, these last 6 months. I've seen you come so far, battle your demons, push through fear and demolish overwhelm. You should be so proud of yourselves!

Become Your Own Boss has given you everything you need to succeed. You've learned what you need to know; now it's time to implement and GROW!

I've loved speaking to you on the phone every week, and I'd like that to continue! I would be so happy to support you through this critical time of growth in your businesses.

Here's what I propose...


The Advanced Mastermind

Join me ALL THROUGH 2017 for a powerful, intimate mastermind experience.

This programme will take a slightly different format to Become Your Own Boss. You see, you've already had the theory. You've got the workbooks and the structures. 

Now it's time to take it all further:


+ Live Calls every two weeks

+ Deeper Coaching Experience

+ Focus on Mindset & Results

+ Guided Launch Strategy

+ New Workbooks and Resources


You spoke, I listened! You want more mindset work; deeper coaching; consistent paying clients, and ultimately of course a freedom lifestyle!

This Mastermind will be structured around getting you the results in the fastest way possible. We're stepping up a gear to facilitate your success.


+ Drop your previous limiting beliefs and stories

+ Step into a more powerful version of you

+ Grow your list by hundreds

+ Advance your sales and marketing skills


The Curriculum:

Each month we will work on your mindset and confidence as well as structural business issues. You've all got the pieces to succeed now, it's just a case of lighting a fire underneath your business!

This is a co-creative experience: as a mastermind, I consult with you what you need to work on. The focus will be on creating you a profitable business with consistent income - getting you consistent private clients, building out a group programme, launching passive income products, and more. 

We work on a 90 day goal setting horizon, so we set our goals together and I help you to implement your strategy and teach you what you need to know along the way.

Mindset is key, and we will work on that consistently. Thoughts become things, so we will be vigilant about where you focus your mind!

While it's always possible to manifest a client or five as if by magic; list building will make this so, so much easier. 

Next up, we'll get a cash flow injection in the form of a special 'flash sale' to build rapport with your community. With some money in the bank, your confidence will be boosted and you'll have more resources to boost future community growth.

We want you to sell out your main programme or service this year, so sales comes to the fore. With extra training, role plays and lots of time for Q&A, you'll love enrolling clients.

Every 90 days, we will help you set an overarching goal. We'll look again at your beliefs and push them even further; and create your strategy plan for the following 90 days.


Plus six NEW ADVANCED MODULES ready to go:

Modules 3&4

  • Cash Flow injection
  • Launch Strategy
  • Who You Need to Become to Succeed

Modules 1 & 2

  • List Building Challenge
  • Rewrite your success stories
  • 90 Day Action Plan 


Module 6:

  • Advanced Sales
  • Sales Role Plays
  • Step into the Successful You

Module 5:

  • Better Marketing
  • Up-level Your Beliefs 
  • 90 Day Growth Strategy and Beyond 



What's included:

  • 24 mastermind calls, 2 per month Jan-Dec

  • Personalised business growth strategy 

  • Daily weekday Facebook check-ins
  • All-new content & modules


pay in full:

One Payment Of


(c. £3,925)


Bookings close December 31, 2016


  • 6 new workbooks with extra exercises

  • Individual coaching time on the calls

  • New, intimate private Facebook community

  • Co-create your experience: I'll build the curriculum you need


Monthly Payments

13 monthly payments of


(c. £360)


Bookings close December 31, 2016


If you'd like to speak to me about the programme, please feel free! I've created space in the week of 26 - 30 December.

Book a call here:



I am taking on just 4 private clients for 12 months starting in January.

We will cover the content above, but on a deeper, more bespoke consultative level with hour long calls twice per month and a 4 hour half day intensive to plan your business strategy for the year. You'll also receive free access to the Advanced Mastermind as a private client.

Standard fees will be $20,000, but for you as a current client, if you'd like to apply and join before the end of the year, the price will be:


Deposit OF $3,000

(C. £2,425)

+ 12 Payments of $1,200

(C. £975)


As of 1 Jan 2017, prices will rise to the standard fee of:

$4,000 deposit + 12x $1700.




(C. £12,136)



As of 1 Jan 2017, prices will rise to the standard fee of:



To apply, book an introductory call to discuss: