Are you crazy, super excited to go to work in the morning?

Does your career give you total satisfaction in all areas of your life?

Are you earning a fabulous income that gives you the freedom to enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams?

If you aren’t answering “yes” to every one of these questions, then there is a major breakdown in your desires versus your reality, and it is costing you freedom, fulfillment, and money too.

I know, because I was in your shoes just a few short years ago…

  • I had a well-paid job in investment banking with a stellar career in front of me, but I dreaded getting up every morning to slog it out for 14 hours a day.
  • I resented my packed commuter train, and the faceless suits surrounding me.
  • I felt trapped in this rat race, dreaming of backpacking around Asia, trying restaurants and stylish hotels in Paris or lying on a tropical Caribbean beach.
  • I was convinced that my desires were "too much". I thought my daily suffering was just “real life” that I had to grow up and deal with it.
  • I really wanted to make a difference, to change lives… but with the financial pressure of student loans and high living expenses, taking a pay cut at a charity of NGO just wasn’t an option.

I let myself stew, stagnant, for far too long. The stress overwhelmed me and I burned out, physically and mentally.

In my 6 months of sick leave, something shifted…

Without the monotony of work every day, I realised there were people who sat in cafes with a laptop at 3pm on a Monday. Meeting new people at events, I discovered these people worked from anywhere, even a beach hut in Bali.


A Lightbulb came on inside me: I wanted a freedom life too


I’d become passionate about health and wellness through healing my own body, and I wanted to share this message with the world, yet still maintain my freedom lifestyle so I could work from anywhere and take time off during the week.

I retrained in nutrition and as a life coach and my online company, Living Rosy, was born.

Soon I was making sales left, right and centre and my business income was on track to replace my investment banker salary, but I was working a quarter of the hours I used to work.

Fast-forward to today: I have a thriving online business helping women around the world create Freedom Lives and Businesses they love, while I have plenty of free time to travel and relax. And, I'm now earning more per month than I did in my old finance career.

I’m not talking sleazy internet marketing tricks or weird pyramid schemes - I help my wonderful community of women package up their passion and expertise to create a genuine, profitable business they love to run (and which doesn’t run them).


You, too, can live life on your own terms...


Wouldn’t you love to control your own schedule, work wherever you like and replace your salary with ease?

We’ll never create our ideal lifestyles in a corporate job - they suck the best hours in the day and the best years of our lives away from us.

I’m committed to living my life to the full each and every day, starting NOW. I’m not prepared to wait until my (ever-receding) distant retirement age.

You see, a Freedom Business is a win-win:


You get to live your life according to your own desires

- and - 

you get to make a real difference to the people you serve all over the world


In fact, I’ve never yet met a Freedom Entrepreneur who ever wanted to go back to corporate life!

I want every woman to feel as fantastically satisfied with life as I do - because you can have this life too if you choose.

No more stressing over pointless tasks, earning money for someone else, or sitting uncomfortably in an airless office cubicle all day long.

Having a Freedom Life is about living life exactly as you choose to live it - to have the time and resources to make the most of your life and be present for the people you care about.