Welcome to the challenge!


day one: 

Challenge: what is the one thing you want to accomplish this year?

Brainstorm 5 ways you can focus your efforts on this one thing



Challenge: Find at least one person who has done what you want to do in the way you want to do it. Do they offer coaching or mentorship? Could they work with you?


Challenge: Reframing your mindset is KEY to success.

Read a chapter of an inspiring book every day to pump you up for success each day.

I recommend Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


Challenge: My Become Your Own Boss programme covers mindset in great detail in the first module, then continues on to help you build a real Freedom Business over the remaining 5 months - without having to quit your job and requiring only 5-10 hours a week of your time.

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Challenge: ask 3 friends or family members to tell you all the things they admire in you or that they feel you are good at. You’ll be surprised how others see you!


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