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day one: can you guarantee your income as an entrepreneur?

Challenge of the day: Create your dream budget. Think about where you’d want to live, what you’d love to do, what you’d love to experience - travel, restaurants, clothes, cars, learning, fun. How much would desire to earn in your dream life as an entrepreneur?

day two: when should you quit your job?

Challenge of the day: Calculate how much money you need your business to earn to feel comfortable quitting your job.

day three: sacrifices of an entrepreneur

Challenge of the day: Take a good look at how you spend your time each week. Carve out 5-10 hours per week that you can use to work on your business on the side.

day three: How to Set Premium Pricing

Challenge of the day: 


  • Your monthly dream budget
  • How many hours a week you want to work
  • How many client hours (1/2 the total working hours)

How much is that per client? What value would they need to see to pay that?

day 5: Costs of starting a business

Challenge of the Day: Choose the date when you will quit your job in 2016. make a commitment to yourself that this will happen. What money will you need to ensure this comes to pass?



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