Introducing my NEW corporate Escape Masterclass



Whenever I take on a new client for my coaching programme, we first have an extensive talk to learn about that client's aspirations and apprehensions.

It became crystal clear after dozens of these conversations that we're all looking to

  • escape the corporate world
  • have more time freedom
  • take on more meaningful, fulling work. 

But, when we're first getting started, we immediately run into problems like:

  • Feeling that we don't qualify or we don't know enough to be a coach or "expert"
  • Not having an idea for a business or not being sure if our business idea is a viable idea
  • Being fearful of putting ourselves "out there" and appearing like a fraud or spammer
  • Not having the time to spend on building a business
  • Feeling overwhelmed by "technology" 
  • Not having the funds lying around to invest in the business

As a Freedom Entrepreneurship coach, I knew I needed to create an actionable, proven solution for handling these problems.

Through trial and error, working 1-on-1 with clients, and drawing from my past experiences, I developed this 6-step framework for overcoming these all of these problems.

So many people I’ve worked with have built their own $5,000+ / month Freedom Business through following the steps illustrated in this framework.