day 5: Make a plan and stick to it

Challenge of the day: Write out how you would love to experience life. Change any negative thoughts or worries to their positive opposite. Recreate your beliefs as you want to view the world.

Final day!

Hey everyone, welcome to Day 5 of the Confidence to Quit challenge. I’m Rosie Paterson, I’m the founder of Living Rosy. For anyone who is just joining us right now, this is the final day of this week’s challenge, which was Confidence to Quit. Next week, I’m actually starting a new challenge, which is a bit of a follow on. So this one was all about the internal stuff, the personal stuff, how to finally get up the confidence.

Our next challenge starting next week is actually on money stuff. I’ve called it Entrepreneur Money Secrets, and it’s how you start a business, what it costs to start a business, how you can start it on a budget, how I started it on a budget, how much you can make, what the options are for you, and any kind of money stuff. So I’ve obviously got ideas of what I want to talk about, but I would love to get your feedback and your questions before the challenge starts.

If you have a question to do with money, hit me up: go into the Living Rosy Facebook group. Ask me what you want to know, and what you want to find out about entrepreneurship and money. I’m super open, so anything you want to know at all, I’m more than happy to share with you.


Take action

So Day 5: I was talking on day 2 or 3 about taking action, and how it’s really important to take action and just get everything out of your mind. Day 5 really solidifies that. The way you make stuff happen is that first, you make a plan, and second, you actually take action on a plan. You make the plan happen and you don’t just let the plan sit in your head. I know so many people who love planning and scheduling and making everything beautiful, and it’s a little bit like the people who when they were studying for exams, they would create this beautiful exam study planner – but then they never actually did the studying.

And it’s very easy to just keep these ideas in our own minds and never actually act on the plan. So a plan is really important to know how to get from A to Z, which is the actual business. There are so many steps in between, but taking action on the plan is super important. I talked about how you have to believe you can do it, and that is really the most important part, but that can be learned. That is such a skill; it’s something you develop. You’re not born with this magic confidence, it’s something you can develop, and it’s something you can instil in yourself. Earlier this week, I went through how you can actually create these beliefs and create the confidence in your own mind.

And if you ever take any of my paid programmes, mindset is always module number one. We spend an entire month just on mindset, because it is 80% of success. If you believe you can do it, you can really achieve anything. Amazing feats have happened from people who just believed they could. So that’s why it’s really key.

But there’s a reason why five months of the six months of my programme are not on mindset; they’re on action. And that’s because you can believe it and you need to believe it before you can start, but to actually make anything happen you need to take action, and you need to consistently take action. And take what I call inspired action – take action that has a purpose. Don’t just spin around and do stuff, that just burns you out. What can you actually do that is logical and consistent and take you to the next level?


Develop a Can-do Mentality

The way you can do that first and foremost – how do you actually start taking action and getting this plan together – first up, it goes back to mindset again. It’s this “can do” mentality. There are so many people out there in the world who have this victim “oh why does that happen to me? Oh, this is holding me back, that’s holding me back,” etc. “I’m too young.” For everyone who’s saying “I’m too young,” there’s someone saying “I’m too old.” For everyone saying “I’m too stupid,” there’s someone saying “I can’t do it, I don’t know how to do this.” “I’m a girl, I couldn’t possibly.” Or “I’m a guy, I’m not going to get special treatment.” People will make stuff up as much as they want. Get out of that mentality: if you don’t know how to do something, that means you just need to learn it or find someone who knows how to do it.

The way you develop this can-do mentality is you switch around the way you see things. So rather than it being like a block in front of you – “I can’t do that, I don’t know how, I’m going to stop here” – everything becomes “Well, how can I?” Just by asking the question, your mind starts working, it starts problem solving and you’ll get inspiration or you’ll meet somebody who you wouldn’t. You’ll sit next to somebody on a bus {who'll offer you an opportunity}, or something random will happen. There will be a path, or a way around that problem will find it’s way to you.

Just by you asking that question, developing that mindset of “Well, how could I make this happen? This doesn’t work, okay how could I still get there by taking a different route?” Always checking, “how can I open the next door? What can I do? How can I do this?” Always developing that mentality. I always say the most important skill for an entrepreneur is resourcefulness. You don’t need to know anything; you just need to know that you can find it out.

That is really the biggest secret I can share with you.

I mean, I built a website with zero technical skills just by googling how to do it; it’s not that difficult. So develop that can-do mentality: “how can I do this?” Always reframe, “how can I do this?” I want you to ban “I can’t” from your vocabulary because there’s always a way. And if you don’t know how, someone else does, you can find that person.

So that is the first part, to actually create this plan, to actually get this going, you need to know that it’s not going to be smooth sailing, it’s not going to be a super easy and straight road the whole way. There’s going to be bends; there’s going to be stuff that comes up; there’s going to be little ditches, maybe little hills, whatever – you’ve just got to find a way there.

So don’t ever let anything discourage you, don’t ever let anything stop you from making progress. Always be asking, “How can I? How can I fix this? How can I get past this? What’s the next step?” So that is something in your own mind, and that again is something that you can condition yourself to think in that way.


Find someone who knows how

The next aspect of developing this plan – if you don’t know how to do this, if you don’t know exactly how you get from A to B to C to D all the way to Z to get to your business – find someone who does. And yep, you can stumble across somebody in a networking meeting, who’s started your exact business or whatever and maybe that’s fate and that’s awesome. But to really expect so much of somebody’s time and energy - I think having a formal mentoring or coaching relationship is really key.

You’re giving them your resources, you’re giving them time and money, and they are therefore going to put their all into you – as opposed to them having to email you back at midnight after a long day because they said they would, and it just doesn’t have the same energy. So I really recommend – if you don’t know exactly how you’re going to get from A to B and C to D and do exactly all the things you need to do – get a coach, get a business mentor.

Find someone who’s done exactly what you want to do, and especially (this is very important!) in the way you want to do it. Because if you’re not into burnout, don’t go find a coach who’s made a business by burning themselves out a few times. If you want to start an online business, don’t go getting somebody who has a brick and mortar business.

It’s really important that you create a relationship with somebody who knows how you want to do something and where you want to get to. Not all businesses are made the same. So that is something that is really key.


Find a community

The other part is to surround yourself with likeminded people. That’s one of the reasons that I run group programmes, because the community part of that is so, so key. That’s one of the reasons why I’m always in a group Mastermind with my own peers – because I grow when I get advice from other people. I can get their opinions; they can give me different viewpoints. And that’s how problems get solved – when more than one head comes together.

So consider group programmes, group masterminds. Bringing people all together. They say you’re the average of the five people you spend time with. So if nobody you know is an entrepreneur, go out and find someone who is entrepreneurial. Make friends, find people online; join the Living Rosy Facebook group. We’ve got more than three hundred people in there who are all trying to become entrepreneurs. Get support – even if it’s just an emotional pat on the back or a motivational something. Go out there and meet the right people, and start hanging out with the right people who are also on the same journey as you. That’s really, really key.

So this is what you need to do guys. You need to make plan. If you don’t know how to make a plan, you need to find the person who knows how to make a plan for you and will help you create that plan. And then you need to break it down step by step and consistently take it to the next level. And when you get stuck ask the “How can I?” question. Don’t just give up because you’re stuck.


Accountability is key

And one of the main problems I find with people who aren’t being coached is that they don’t have the direction, and they just say “oh well, it’s impossible. I don’t know what to do.” When you have the coach, they give you that support, so they say “well actually, you could try this, or “actually, you could do that” or “what is really going on for you in your head right now?”

And they also give you that accountability – if you invest quite a lot of money in a coaching programme, and you have a coaching call coming up, you’re much more likely to actually do all the implementation work in between so that you’re not behind when you come to the coaching call. So actually the investment in a coaching programme is normally around you and the energy that you put in than it has to do with the coach. The coach is professional and she’s going to be there whatever happens, but when you invest a load of money in the coaching programme, you make that firm commitment to yourself that you are going to make this happen. And it makes you far more likely to actually follow through with something, so it’s a great accountability tool as well.

Similarly with the mastermind, you’ve got so many people out there who can put their heads together, and help you come up with the solutions, and give you the support you need. And you can actually create accountability partners with people that way. I’ve been working with an accountability partner who’s in my bigger mastermind group all year, and I love having calls with her. We brainstorm together, and I know that she holds me accountable for X, Y, and Z each week. So that’s really, really powerful as well.


Daily Challenge

So your exercise for today, the final exercise of the week, I want you to write out how you really want to experience your life. How do you want to approach your life? What is it that you actually want to have in your life, and how do you want to think? So it could be as simple as “I always have energy to work on my business, and I go through my workday, and I come home, and I’m so pumped to work on my business in the evening.” Or “I don’t mind waking up at 5am because I’m so excited to work on my business for two hours before work,” – or whatever it might be for you.

You can instil beliefs in yourself that are currently in the future. “I can consistently make at least £5,000 or $5,000, and I consistently get clients through the door.” Even if your business isn’t started up yet, by making that belief, by really instilling that belief, it makes you take more action and makes you go further.

So write out whatever it is that you really want to experience. If you’re having any negative thoughts, if you’re thinking, “I can’t do this. I don’t know how to build a business; I don’t know how to get clients. I reach out to people, but they never get back to me.” Or, “I’m always too tired.” Or whatever the drama and the excuses and the problems that you’re facing are – no matter how real you believe they are right now – maybe you’re saying “well, I work 12 hours a day and I have kids, so I don’t have time for a business.”

Whatever that might be…re-write it. Write it in the positive: “I always have enough time for everything in my life, and I have perfect balance.” Or “I have great engagement from all my potential clients, or I know exactly what I need to do to get this business started.” Whatever it might be, really instil that belief. Whatever your fears are, switch them to the positive. I do this and it’s so powerful.

It’s amazing: I rewrote my beliefs about a month ago, and I went on holiday for two weeks. I had put them into my journal, and I try to read them every day. On holiday, I was maybe reading them once every three or four days, whenever I was on a plane or something. And things started happening. I made a belief about “I want more engagement,” and I started getting so many more people in my group, so many more people commenting. I made a commitment about finances, and I had clients book in with me when I was on holiday – even though I wasn’t really marketing. Things were happening purely from the power of my mindset, and that is something that people really don’t understand: your mindset is so much of your success.

So that’s what I want you to do this week is to rewrite your life the way you want it to be, and rewrite the beliefs that will get you there. And then read them every single day and feel how it will feel when that belief is true. So how will it feel to have a consistent £10,000 a month income coming through? How expansive would you feel, how safe would you feel? How excited would you feel to do all the things you could do, to buy all these things? And read that, and feel that, every single day.

So that is my exercise of the day. This is the final day of the challenge. Remember that I have another challenge coming up next week, which is on money secrets. You are so, so welcome to join me on that one. I will see you next week on the next challenge!

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