DAY Three: Take Baby Steps

Challenge of the day: Journal/write a page or two on what you would do if you had no limitations. Do #2 from yesterday!

This is Day 3 of Confidence to Quit, my free five-day challenge. I’m helping people work through all the blocks that we come up against in our mind when we think about wanting to quit our jobs, start our businesses, and create our freedom life.

So one of the big worries and concerns that people have when they start a business is that the business just seems like this massive, huge, scary project, and we just don’t know how we’re even going to start it. And we especially don’t know how we’re going to finish it, and it just seems like way too much effort. Your mum calls you, and you have to work to do, and you have to stay late at work, and you really feel like you have to go to yoga that night…and just nothing ever happens.



So yesterday I was talking about how to get out of your head, get into action and actually make this come to life, actually make something happen in reality. And today, we’re going to build on that a bit as well because I think when we see this huge project, this huge mountain of what it is that we need to achieve, it’s just too overwhelming – and we just quit before we even get started. And the solution to that is literally to take baby steps.

What I mean by that is – of course, building a business is a huge, huge job. It’s a massive thing to do, so when I work with clients, I only work with them for six months minimum, because that’s how long it takes – bare minimum – to get things up and running and really flowing. And I am really clear when I work with clients that I’m not here to help you make a quick buck and then I’ll leave you alone. I want you to create that consistent income because having a freedom business means not worrying about the money. It means knowing that you have clients coming to you, and you’re not scrabbling around and hustling. I hate that energy; it’s not fun.

And so what I want you to do is create that consistency, that security, that knowledge that you have people coming through your door each month. You’re making the money that you need to earn to live the life that you want to live, and you do not have to hustle and work too hard to get it done. Nobody in my programmes is going to burn out, let me tell you, because I’ve done it and it’s not fun.

Stop Planning Your Life in Decades

So the first thing is really, really massive. When you’re thinking about building a business, when you’re thinking about creating your ideal freedom lifestyle, the first hurdle is: “I don’t know what to do, I don’t have all the answers, I don’t know where I’m going to be in five years time. What if I get married and have babies and I take maternity leave? How am I going to do that?!”

But spinning and creating scenarios that are 300 years down the line – worrying about your pension right this second when you don’t even have a business idea – stop worrying about all of the steps and problems that will come up in life. Because let’s face it, we’re on this planet for hopefully a very long time – 80 years, 100 years. Our career is probably, in the corporate world, going to be 50 years long by the time we ever get out of it. So much can happen in 50 years, even in the corporate world.

You think that you’re going to stay in the same job for your entire career? Not going to happen. You think that you’re never going to be made redundant, or never going to have a problem, or never going to have some kind of financial drama going on. Of course you never know when something might happen to you. You never know when illness might strike, or you lose a parent, or you lose a family member or something goes wrong in your life. You cannot plan your life.

I was 23 when I left my job, so this was ridiculous nonsense to start considering these things. And I thought, “I couldn’t possibly leave my career because what about my pension? What about when I’m 30 in seven years time, and I wanted to have a baby?” I was planning my life in decades, and I had barely even started my career: it was just ridiculous!

Allow opportunity

And when I lessened that grip a little bit that I actually allowed a bit of fluidity and flexibility into my plans – actually, opportunities had the chance to come to me. And I was able to take some steps that I would have been too scared to take because I couldn’t see fifteen steps down the line.

When I’m talking about this, I’m not talking about you giving up on your pension. I’m from a financial services background, I am firmly aware of how important they are, especially in today’s financial climate. But I’m saying that by focusing on “how am I going to contribute the £300 a month” – or whatever that you’re meant to contribute to your pension, “how am I going to do that if I do XYZ” – you’re forgetting the fact that you could be a millionaire in three years time, and you just buy a villa somewhere. Or buy a house in central London and watch the price shoot up by 20% each year, or contribute a million pounds one year to your pension, or contribute the maximum tax free to your pension each year because you have so much spare cash lying around in three years time.

The current setup financially for corporate people is really, really rough: pensions are being smashed; interest rates are super low; we’re not getting savings; our pay isn’t rising. It’s a tough world out there, and entrepreneurship – like I always say to everyone - is totally uncapped. Making more money in your business is not a moral value, or anything that you need to justify or deserve in life. It’s literally getting out there and meeting more people, building your business, leveraging your platform getting more people in the door who are interested in what you do, creating value for them, and selling them stuff.

It’s really not that complicated, and so obviously it takes a bit of time. I’m talking about helping people get to about a 10k month in their first year, and in their second year building that again, and then in their third year getting to about seven figures if you want to consistently build and have those quantum leaps. It is not like it’s a total step-by-step path, there’s obviously pieces you need to implement each time, but it’s a much better option (I personally believe) than getting a 1% pay rise every two years and maybe getting a pension at the end of the day that might cover your rent.

I don’t know where you guys live, but I live in London and it’s pretty much impossible to get on the housing letter here. The average person is 40 when they buy a home now, because they don’t have launches and big income streams coming through. Next year I’m probably going to be traveling a lot, I really don’t have any inclination to buy a home right now. But if I make that my intention, I can do a few launches, I can make that massive down payment, I could possibly even pay for half the house or a big chunk of the house in cash if I choose to.

If I set that as my intention and that is my goal, I know how I can make that happen and I would never have been able to do that as an investment banker. Even with huge bonuses, I would never have been able to do that. So before you start freaking out about the future, worrying about things down the line – worrying about this, that and the other – by focusing on all of that, you’re forgetting the huge upside to a running a business, which gives you what a corporate job does not give you.

Everything is Open to You

The second thing is that we’re really taught to follow the road, take a step at a time, jump through the hoops. You start off as an analyst, and move to an associate, and then a business manager – whatever the grades are in your industry. And maybe you get married, and you take on a mortgage, and you just jump through life, and you take it step by step.

With a business, everything is open to you. If you don’t want to buy a house right now, you don’t have to. You could go traveling and spend the year between Bali, Argentina and South Africa if you feel like it. No one is telling you how to live life. And so by keeping yourself on that track, by always planning ten years into the future, you’re missing out on so many opportunities that could come your way.

I’m now trying to create a bit of a broader structure for Living Rosy, which is twelve months long, but there are so many things that could happen in twelve months time, that I’m really finding it hard to properly plan that. I still plan in 3-month blocks because there are too many things going on, and too many moving pieces, and too many opportunities that could come around.

If I decide that from July to September next year, I’m writing a book – what if an amazing plan for a programme comes to me. Or if I meet somebody at a conference that I wasn’t going to go to, and then that creates a whole new department for my business or something. There are too many opportunities coming a long that I need to keep space free to take that on if I want to.

So what I want to get to you is that by planning everything ten years in advance, twenty years in advance, by thinking about things that could happen in 50 years time, you’re staying in that place of fear. You’re staying small, you’re staying on that road to "normalness", to mediocrity.


Think About what you Really want

And what I want you to do is actually think about what do I really want? What is calling me in the next six months? What am I really passionate about? Follow your heart and follow those gut instincts, those gut reactions to things. And don’t think about all the stuff that could go wrong.

Obviously, have a bit of a contingency plan: don’t quit your job right now just because I told you to without knowing how you’re going to pay your rent next month. I always tell everyone that if you’re going to quit your job, have at least six months of living costs saved up. But you can start your business without having to quit your job so you can literally just run it for a year if you need to, until you’re in a position where you’re finances are covered.

But follow your heart. I went through so many industry ideas when I wanted to get out of banking. I thought, “I could become a corporate lawyer – oh, but I’ll have the same hours as banking.” Or “I know! I could work for charity!” – I went and did an internship, and realised that it was so bureaucratic, and I wasn’t getting anything done, and also I couldn’t afford my rent in London.

I thought, “Oh, maybe I’ll go and do this or I’ll go and do that,” and I had all these big, grand schemes and all these ideas. And in reality, I was just scared because I was scared of entrepreneurship. And I was scared of not having the pay, totally disregarding the fact that my pay could be double, or triple, or quadruple what my banking salary was going to be. And I’ve now had months in my business where my pay has been four times my banking salary. I’m going for my previous annual salary in the next launch I’m doing.

You can do so much more with a business than you can with a job. It’s so short-sighted to not dream bigger because you’re scared and because you’re thinking about contingencies that are happening years and years down the line.

So that is just the first thing that I want to think about, think in shorter chunks, think three months down the line, six months down the line, have a rough plan. Have a goal, have a dream of where you want to get. But don’t get caught up in the how right now because ideas and opportunities and things will come to you naturally.

Create a Strategy, Get Support

The second thing I want to think about with baby steps is creating an actual strategy to get you to where you want to get to. And creating milestones in there: let’s say you want to become a millionaire. Awesome. It can totally happen. But first, before you can become a millionaire, you need to replace your salary with your business, and then you need to make double your salary ,and then you need to make ten times your salary, and then if you do that for a year, you’re going to become a millionaire.

You see what I mean? There are certain milestones in the beginning, and the way you structure your business in the beginning, you might start off taking 1:1 clients in the beginning, get comfortable with that, fill up your practice. And then you need to leverage up. And then you can start maybe working with more clients, or starting information products, or doing something that leverages your time, and that allows you to go to that next level. And then you probably need to hire in more of a team to get you to that next level, and then you reach the seven figures.

Or at least what you need to do is you know start off with 1:1 clients and just raise your prices up and up and up until you can make seven figures And then just with 1:1 clients, there’s various ways you can structure it. But you need to know how to get there, and that takes time.

And one of the ways you can expedite that is to get the support of someone who’s done it, to get that mentorship, get coaching, or whatever it is that you need to help you work out the path that’s best for you. So that is something that I want you to think about as well is thinking of how you can get to that next step, what are the resources that you need at each point? What is the investment that you might want to make that will pay off in bigger amounts further down the line?


My next free challenge

So in terms of financial stuff, there is something that I want to talk to you about, which is that I’m running another free challenge. Entrepreneur Money Secrets. It’s all about the financial side of being an entrepreneur and the stuff that you don’t know, the question that you have for entrepreneurs, and what it is that you want to know.

Anything related to money – whether that’s how much you need to invest, how much you can earn, whether that’s how much work you need to do to get the money – whatever your questions are, I really want to answer them, I really want to help you out. So what I suggest you do is ping me questions in my Facebook group, which is called Living Rosy. 

And ask me your questions if you’ve got any questions, please do ask me and I would love to see you on the next challenge as well.


Follow Your Heart

So going back to baby steps again, really what I want to get through to you is just to follow your heart. Take a step. Even with business ideas. Let’s say you’re obsessed with yoga, and yoga is your passion, but everyone always tells you that yoga teachers don’t make good money, and you don’t know how you’re going to do something. And you don’t know how you’re going to make money, etc. And you don’t’ understand the how of how you can love yoga AND make money from it.

Well rather than giving up on it, and becoming an investment banker or a lawyer...instead, take a step! Get a yoga certification. Maybe the next step is you start a YouTube channel, and maybe the next step is you get your first private yoga client. And then maybe the next step is you create an information product, you build your platform a bit. You don’t need to have all the answers mapped out for you immediately: you can take a step, and take a step, and take a step.

Understand that when you follow your passions, you will find a way. If it’s really something that’s important to you, if it’s really something that you would do everyday even without the money anyway, understand that you will find a way to gain a platform. Your passion will be infectious; people will be drawn to you. And when you have a platform, that’s when you have something to offer people, and the model you choose to offer is up to you and depends on the industry, etc. – it changes person by person.

But if you’re too scared to follow your dreams, you’ll end up still doing stuff just for the money, and it just always feels flat. I am right now teaching people about entrepreneurship, but I didn’t used to be an entrepreneur. I was working in investment banking, I have a mother who was a primary school teacher and a father who was in the Air Force. They both had been paid by the state their entire lives. Even working in the private sector is "risky" for them. So entrepreneurship is just off the charts, not even going to happen in our household. I had zero entrepreneurial role models, I knew nobody who was an entrepreneur. I didn’t know anything about it. I thought you had to be Mark Zuckerberg and know coding, or go and get an angel investor or do any of these things, take on a huge commercial retail lease to be able to actually get a business up and running, etc. I am so made for entrepreneurship, but I had all these preconceptions about it that I killed it before I even got thinking about it.

How I got into Entrepreneurship

First of all, I started reading some books and it was like my escape from my job; but I wasn’t really taking any action, I wasn’t really doing anything with it. After I burned out and had six months out, and I had space to think about things, I followed my heart. I had horrible health problems, and I decided that I was going to follow my heart. Life was too short, I was going to do what I wanted to do. I had a few people close to me die, and I had a few other things happen, and it was one of those wake up call moments.

You don’t need to have a massive drama happen to you to have a wake up call! I’m telling you now: you can run for your dreams, make it happen. So what happened was I basically got really, really into healthy eating because the stress of my work had totally burned me out. My entire digestive system wasn’t working, I had a chronic disease, an auto-immune disease related to the stress. I got super into healthy eating; I focused all my energy into healing my body because I basically couldn’t get out of bed.

I started working out again, I started taking things literally a morning, an afternoon, and an evening at a time. Meal by meal was actually how I was living my life. I gave up applying for jobs because I didn’t have the energy to do it anyway, and I was living off my severance pay cheque from the bank. I was just taking it a day at a time. And, of course, I was freaking out because I had six months of runway free. I was thinking, “I should be looking for jobs, and I should be working for that hedge fund,” and I had so many well meaning industry colleagues in banking who were sending me job applications and everything else…and I just didn’t have the capacity to do it.

Anyway, I continued with the healthy eating, it was the only real, recurring thing in my life. And I got super into it, super passionate about it. Then I got a different job – totally unrelated, in a tech website/social network start up – running business development, dealing with corporate stakeholders.

But that kept going, that passion kept running. I was bringing healthy meals to the office, and I was so obsessed with that. That then became a Facebook page, and an Instagram page. I still didn’t have a business idea, I was taking it a baby step and a baby step at a time. That Facebook page and that Instagram page became a real cookery book and a real website, and eventually a bit of a blog and eventually a bit of a following. And then eventually I discovered coaching and I realized I could actually help people 1:1 with their health. And then that pivot happened, and I did that.

And then as I worked with health coaching clients, I realised that I was helping all these corporate, professional, busy, stressed-out women with their stress management. But I was sort of sticking a plaster over the real problem, which was that their job sucked. And it wasn’t until I realised that (at this point, I’d quit my job; I’d actually become an entrepreneur, I’d actually made something of the business), and I had all these women asking me “how did you do this? How did you quit? How did you find the confidence? How did you actually find clients? How do you make money?”

Once I realised that they actually were asking all these questions that I actually knew the answer to, I realised that actually the problem that they had was that their job sucked. Their career sucked, and their life sucked because of it, and that was what was making them so stressed. And I realised that the real solution to their stress was helping them get into what I now term Freedom Business.

But at five years old, I could never have told you, “when I grow up, I’m going to be a Freedom Entrepreneurship coach.” I could never have seen that. I couldn’t have told you that in 2012! But these things happen step by step, baby steps. And it was just by following my passion, getting things sorted, taking it a step at a time, not seeing the road ahead of me – that’s how I got to where I am. And that’s what you need to do. You can never preplan a business; you can never plan a fifty-year career as an entrepreneur. It’s going to happen, of course, but you don’t know how it will go.


What if you had no limitations?

So what I want you to do today is – this is your challenge – I want you to journal. If you don’t own a journal yet, please go out and buy a really beautiful lined or plain page book that you can write in every single day. That’s really something that I do every single morning. If you don’t own a journal yet, grab a piece of paper, I don’t care what it looks like. I want you to write down how your life would look if there were no limitations: if you had all the money, all the time, all the opportunity. If you were young enough, pretty enough, smart enough, everything enough to be able to go and be this totally unlimited being…what would you do, how would your life look?

Would you be on stage in front of masses of people? Would you be leading people to do something amazing? Would you be changing lives? Would you be rolling in cash sitting in a yacht in the Caribbean? You know, would you be flying in your private jet?  Would you be building a school network across all of Africa? 

What would you do if you had zero limitations? Where would your life take you and with that I hope you’ll get some clarity as to the direction that you want to go in, and you’ll see how really there is no barrier between you and that person that cannot be overcome with time and opportunities will arise that will help you jump each barrier ahead of you.

So that is your challenge – I want you to journal or write down exactly how your life would look without any limitations.

And the other thing I want you do to is: yesterday, I told you to work out the next three urgent tasks for you in your business. You’re meant to do one today, so I want you to do that as well.



And I will now open things to questions that anyone has. If you’re watching the replay, please go into the Facebook group again and ask your questions in there.

When you’ve written in your journal, and you’ve shared, and you know how you would live, share that as well! I would love to know what your lack of limitation is, and how that looks for you and how your ideal life looks for you. I’m more than happy to help you out. I am here for you.

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