DAY TWO: GET out of your own head

Challenge of the day: What are the 3 tasks you could do for your business/business idea today, tomorrow and by the end of the week?

Do #1 now!

Get out of your own head

Today’s topic is getting out of your own head and getting into action. So what is the number one problem that aspiring entrepreneurs, corporate escapees, people who want to leave their job but never manage to do – what is the number one problem they face? It’s the fact that they never actually get out of their head and make it happen. You can dream all you like, you can be in your mind sitting on that beach in Barbados, but unless you actually put the stuff into action, you actually make it happen, nothing. You’re never gonna get there, you’re never going to actually make this come to fruition – so this is really really really key.

And I say this – like anyone who follows me knows, I’m super pragmatic and mathematical and I’m an ex-investment banker – I mean, come on. But I totally believe in the power of mindset, I totally believe in the power of manifestation, and making things happen with the power of your mind. Mindset stuff only works if you take the actions, too. So you can’t sit back on your sofa manifesting, and expect that your perfect life will just pop up to you, BOOM – unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way, it would be really awesome if it did - the real key is obviously having a strong mindset, obviously believing in yourself, but actually taking the action to do it. So how do we actually start taking the action?


Start Before You’re Ready

The first key here in terms of getting the confidence to quit is to start before you’re ready. This is my mantra, this is what I say ALL the time to everyone in my community – start before you’re ready. You’ve probably seen me talking about this before. We never feel totally ready to get started, we never feel like we know enough, we never feel like this enough. Let’s say you have to do a photoshoot, we never feel skinny enough; you never feel like you have the right clothes, you never feel like you’ve found the right hairdresser yet, you know?

Let’s say you need to reach out to the first clients, you never feel like you know enough. You never feel like you have the swankiest website that you can send them to. There are always so many barriers we can create in our minds, and we never feel enough. So stop right now imagining that one day you’re actually going to have a ‘perfect’ something – whether that’s a perfect life, whether that’s enough time, enough knowledge, enough of a slick brand, whatever it is. You’re always going to feel not enough, so just get going now.

Do you know how you start to approach the feeling of being enough? It’s when you get out there, you get used to being out there, you actually make stuff happen and then slowly you kind of realise that “I’m actually really doing this.”

When I first quit my job, I think I said this yesterday, I didn’t know what I’d call myself. You know? I’d literally be like, “Well, I was a banker but now I’m kind of a coach?” It was awful. I had zero elevator pitch, as it were. But you know the more I said it, the more I did it, suddenly one day I realised that I’d just been at a networking event, or I just did a talk – or I don’t know where I’d been, I’d done something – and it just kind of came out of my mouth. And now I meet new people privately at a dinner party or whatever, and I’m like “Well, I’m a coach for women who want to start their own business.”

And I didn’t decide one day, “Okay, this is going to happen, I am suddenly now a coach.” I just consistently kept saying it, even though I didn’t believe it, and it just happened! You know, while I was worrying about how to start my business, that sort of mindset shift just happened. And that’s what happens with ALL changes to confidence. If you want to improve your confidence in something, you’ve just got to fake it until you make it – that’s really all you can do. So number one please guys start before you are ready. It’s so key.

How to start before you’re ready

And you might be like well how can I start without a business idea? I don’t have a business idea! Yeah, okay, totally get you there. You can set up your schedule so you have space in your life for a business – I’ll be talking about that in a second. You can go and interview people you think you might like to work with: if you are like a new mother, and you think you might like to work with new mothers in some capacity but you don’t know how, go ask them what their problems are!

There’s so many things you could do. You could sign up to work with a coach who will help you craft the whole business idea and the whole concept even though you don’t have it yet. You have no idea the amount of people who say to me “I think you’re amazing, and I love your work and everything, but I’ll sign up with you when I make enough money, or when I get my business idea.”

And you know if you want to go work on your business idea – awesome – but if you’re having trouble finding it, then why wouldn’t you get the help you need to find it? And especially with the making money, why would you hire a coach to teach you something that you already knew how to do? That doesn’t make sense! Why would you waste your money doing that? You hire somebody who can get to that level that you’re struggling to get to yourself, whether that’s weight loss and you don’t know how to lose the next ten pounds or whether that’s a confidence coach, and you’ve got no idea how you’re going to get up and join people on stage. You don’t hire a confidence coach when you’re already confident, and you don’t hire a weight loss coach when you’ve already lost the weight you want to lose.

And it’s exactly the same with business. You know, you might feel like you’re a million miles behind everyone else, and you’ve got zero idea what’s going on, and you’re a hundred miles from actually starting a business. But you hire someone to get you there faster, so that’s something else you could think about doing.

You know you could just be reading business books; you could be taking online courses. If you think you might want to be a weight loss coach someday, you could get a coaching certification. You can go and get a qualification in the next stage of whatever it is you want to do. There’s so many things you could do before your business actually happens – way before you quit your job.

How I launched Living Rosy

When I launched Living Rosy, originally it was in the health and wellness space. I had this huge desire to share all the learnings I’d had because I’d basically burned out and got really sick and got really into natural, clean eating. I had changed my entire digestive system, and it let me get out of bed – and you’ve probably heard this story before – and I realized that I’d done this in a way that also fit around my busy lifestyle because I’d gone back to working full time as well. And I realized that I had all this knowledge, but I wasn’t really sharing it with people. I didn’t have any idea how to build a website, and I didn’t have any idea how to do anything.

And then one day there was this girl that I used to follow on Instagram, she was like sixteen or seventeen at the time. She’d released this e-book, and I’m like “dude, what on earth? You know there’s a 16 year old who’s doing what you want to do, and you’re whining about how you don’t know enough. Get out there, and do it!”

And I did! I literally created a Facebook page and an Instagram page, because that was what I knew how to do, and I started getting some followers, I started sharing some recipes. And then pieces of my life basically came together, and I had the opportunity to quit my current job and take another one. So I did, and I negotiated a month off, and in that month I wrote a cookery book. And I actually built a website by myself with zero skills, I just googled how to do it.


What TO do before you quit your job

When I went back and I started the next job, I was working, I was hosting things and blogging on the weekend, and I was just making it happen. I still didn’t really have a viable business model at this point, I was selling like £20 cookery books and I might be selling three at once. It wasn’t quite quit-your-job level of income, but these things came to me.

I actually ended up hiring my first business coach: randomly, I’d been on her email list for two to three years, and I’d never read anything from her. And I just happened to open something from her, and she was offering these free calls, and I’m like “Well, I’ve got this business idea, maybe I can get her to check it out.”

And you know we talked about it and we came up with a bit of a better strategy and it sort of started from there, and I started going into more live coaching, which was actually going to have the bigger impact that I wanted to have, and actually would create a viable income for myself. So quitting my job was actually coming to me much more quickly.

So think of all the things that you could do before you even consider quitting your job that will actually get things up and running, all these action steps. And I’ll talk about that in just a second, but that’s the challenge that we’re doing today.


Don’t wait for permission

The second thing I want to talk about is don’t wait for permission. Don’t wait until someone tells you that you’re old enough, young enough, smart enough, whatever enough, creative enough, techy enough, whatever. People seem to spend their lives waiting for it to be okay for them to take the next move. Maybe you feel like you need one more bonus: if you have an income target that you want to make, go for it, go all out, maybe it’s that next bonus for you if you’re in a bonus industry. But don’t wait for that next bonus and that next bonus and that next bonus – that’s just procrastinating.

Similarly, don’t wait until you are a master practitioner of whatever the industry is that you want to start off in, because in that industry, it’s going to take you six months to get your business up and running. So what’s going to happen is that you’ll spend three years studying for your qualifications, and then nothing will happen because you didn’t even bother to think about the business.

And I see this all the time, especially in the coaching world. People go all out on their coaching certifications, and then they expect clients to magically pop up, but they’ve done zero work in business. So you must be working on your business in a commercial sense – while you’re still in your job – to get the income flow coming in , which will allow you to quit.

So don’t wait for permission. Don’t wait for someone to tell you that actually you could earn more than your corporate income. Don’t wait for someone to tell you that you’re smart enough, or you’re young enough, or whatever. Because no one is going to do it, there’s no bigger, greater authority out there who is going to actually tell you that it’s possible for you. Whatever it is you want, whether you want to go traveling more, whether you want to move to a bigger house, whether you want to work less per day: it’s all out there, available for you. You just need to make sure that YOU actually take that for yourself. You take the action, which allows that to happen for you.

Let’s say you’re a lawyer right now. If you’re working 60 hours a week, I don’t know that it’s possible that you’re going to be able to work less than that in a big, corporate law firm in a big city. It’s just not going to happen, but if you run your own business, you can choose your hours. So you need to put the steps in place to run your own business. You know?

If you are a teacher, it’s going to be really, really hard for you to travel in term time because that’s not when teachers are meant to take holiday. They have to take school holidays. So you need to consider a way or a career source that would allow you to then travel within the term times – etc, etc.

So don’t wait around for something magic to happen, it rarely ever does. You’ve just got to take whatever it is that you want for yourself – no matter how big or how audacious that seems. You know, if you want to be a millionaire and work ten hours a week, I’m not telling you you’re going to get it in five minutes, but you could get there in three to four years of building a business. If you’re wanting to live on a yacht, go for it! If that’s what you desire, plenty of people do it. Just make sure that you take what you want and make it happen for yourself, because no one else is going to give it to you.

Those are the two things: start before you’re ready, please push yourself through any fears you have. You grow when you create space and you create growth for yourself. You grow when you push yourself through any barriers into that bigger and bigger space. So whatever it is that you’re scared of – whether it’s reaching out to that first client; whether it’s signing up for that programme that you want to sign up for; whether it’s building that website that you think you’re not techy enough for – whatever it is, do it. Because that’s what you need to do to push through that resistance and make it happen.


Daily Challenge, Part One: create time

So this is what you’ve got to do when you’re in your corporate job and you’re trying to get out. Obviously, we all have bills to pay, and obviously we can’t just quit and magically make money happen. What I want you to do is look really closely and clearly at your schedule, and maybe even over the next week, take a time diary as it were. Obviously, there’s time when you’re in the office; obviously, there’s time when you’re commuting, you need to eat, you need to shower, there’s basic human needs like sleep or whatever.

What are all the other things that you’re doing each day? And maybe you have a yoga class that you will NEVER give up and that’s totally fine. But are you streaming an episode of TV just because you just feel ‘bleh’ and you’re just sitting at home? Are you out drinking with your friends just because that’s what you do on a Friday night…and staying out too late and then ruining Saturday mornings? What is it that you might be able to give up, which would create some space for you to be able to work on your business?

Ideally, we’re looking for five hours a week. That is like one hour every single morning before work if you want to get up early. That is one hour after work every single weekday evening. That is taking your full lunch break for an hour if you’re able to do that. That is like two hours, two and half hours, each day of the weekend. So you get up at 9am and work til 11am and you have the rest of the day free. That is working through the morning on a Saturday morning, you know you can chunk it. It’s like two – three – two hour slots M/W/F – whatever works for you. I’m sure you can find that time.

If you really look through that schedule, I’m sure you can find that time. Once you have these, and you put it in your diary, it’s blocked out. And you don’t accept to go to your friends’ drinks that night; you don’t accept to go to the gym; or you don’t accept to work late, you say you have something. You get to create that boundary for yourself, and you definitely don’t allow yourself to watch TV when you should be doing something. Then, you have the space! You can actually start doing something.

Imagine if you took five hours a week to research business ideas, to come up with an actual sort of financial plan, to interview coaches, to get on a programme and work through that programme, you could do so much in five hours a week. So this is what I really want you to do is find that time for yourself, to create for yourself. Find those pockets of time that you can dedicate to actually making this happen for yourself.


Daily Challenge, Part Two: Think of three tasks

So my exercise for you apart from that is: I want you to think of three most urgent tasks that you could do, something that you could do right now or tonight, something you could do tomorrow, and something you could do at the weekend. Depending on where you’re at right now with your business idea, could you buy a business book? Could you book a discovery session with a coach? Could you call a client if you’re already getting started? Could you create a Facebook page? What could you do right now, tomorrow, and next week? Write down those three tasks, and then go and do them. That is what I want you to do today, that is your challenge for the day. And I want you to actually DO number one, your first thing that you’re meant to do tonight, I want you to do that now.


Recap and Q+A

So that was our challenge of the day. So just to recap for you, one of the main things people worry about is they want to get everything in place, they want to get everything to be perfect, and they want somebody else to say to them, you can now start. And my advice to you is, if you really want to quit your job in 2016, you need to get out of your head and you need to start taking action. And you need to start taking action before you feel ready to take action. And you need to start taking action before anyone magically gives you permission to take action – because they’re never going to do it.

So and I want you to create space in your diary to do action, and then I want you to work out what your actions are…and do them!

That’s it, it’s pretty simple. It’s actually painfully simple, but we get all caught up and worried about stuff and that’s all you need to do.

So what I would love is questions! How can I help you? Where have you been held back by staying in your head? Where are you stuck in your head right now? How can I help you with this piece of the Confidence to Quit puzzle? So I’ll let you add in some questions and comments.

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But please guys, start taking action. This is really, really key.

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