• Turn your business idea into a profitable reality?
  • Attract your first paying clients?
  • Scale up your earnings to replace your corporate salary consistently?
  • Escape the 9-5 rat-race, become your own boss and live life on your own terms?


Calling all women in their 9-5, ready to break free...

If you want to... build a business you love... replace your salary...or even if you just want to create your own schedule... then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Without your own business you will never be free

and you will never be able to make the most of your life.

My name is Rosie Freiha and I am the founder of Living Rosy, a business mentoring practice for women. I've built two businesses online and have created a six figure income within 18 months of starting my business.

I created a programme that gives you the business education you need to build you business successfully in a flexible, home-study format, plus private coaching to build your success mindset - all at one third of the cost of my standard coaching packages!


Remember: every day you waste NOT building your business is a day of freedom lost...





Did you know - up to 80% of businesses fail in the first year

According to Forbes, 80% of businesses fail in their first year - because they don't understand how to: their offering

...create unique value for their audience

...their leaders don't understand how to properly run a business.

Understandable, considering most new business owners never receive any formal training or have any business experience!


How do you ensure you are one of the 20% who make it?

Skip the struggle and learn from someone who has already achieved what you want for yourself: get mentored and learn the behind the scenes of exactly how a profitable business is created.



... AND...



When You Coach With Me, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

You'll discover how to:

  • structure your business model to earn $5,000+ each and every month consistently
  • create a brand your audience loves and buys from
  • automate your marketing so you can focus on running your business and enjoying your freedom life

By knowing what to focus your time and investment on, you can copy the online marketing system I personally use to run my six figure business, so you don't have to struggle and learn by trial-and-error.

Following my baby-step process, in just 5-10 hours per week you will build your business on the side over a six month period

Because of the step by step format, you will know exactly what to do and when. All you need to do if follow the process! The monthly coaching call is a chance for you to get 1:1 feedback on your business as well, so you are never alone in the process

In just 6 months, you can have your online business set up and making money, so you can make the decision to quit your job confidently, knowing your finances are secure.

I know just how satisfying it is to be in complete control of your finances and your schedule - when you run your business online you are finally free.

Just think how much fun you can have with all your freedom once you quit - you'll be able to travel, work from cafes, and enjoy so much more time with your loved ones.

You know the best part? When you launch a business and go for your dreams, there's a ripple effect: others will be inspired by your courage and will be inclined to go for their dreams as well. Who will be inspired by YOU?


So Here's The Bottom Line With my Special Business Mentoring Offer:

You will receive:

  • 18 recorded modules, drip fed over 6 months, with video tutorials and in-depth workbooks for each step of the way (value $1,497)
  • You will also receive six, 1 hour private coaching sessions to build on the work you do in the programme (value $6,000)
  • Finally, you receive lifetime access to the Become Your Own Boss Private Community (value $1997 per year)


 You can have All of this for only


(payment plan available)


But, You’ll Need to Act Fast:

1. Price increases by $1,000 on October 1st!

Since this programme offers nearly $10,000 of value, and it is priced at just one-third of my standard $15,000 coaching package, I’ll need to bring the cost more in line with its value soon. Therefore, the price will be increasing by $1,000 after October 1st.


2. I only have 4 slots available in my programme

My coaching sells out quickly - the last time I could take on new clients was over 6 months ago. Should I offer private coaching again, it likely won’t be until later in 2017.

Since I have just four slots opening (and that’s only if my current clients do not renew), this offer will likely go, fast.


Here's How To Join Right Now

Go ahead and click the “Book a Call” link now so we can discuss your desire to coach with me further.

If we’re a fit, we’ll get you all signed up on the call, and you’ll receive your access to the programme modules immediately!

To your freedom!


P.S. - Make sure you act fast, because those 4 slots will go fast, and the price will increase soon.