How Joyce the Ex-Security Guard Built a 6-Figure Personal Branding Business in just over 12 months

2013, Joyce was 38, working 12 hours per day as a security guard.  She was making £1,200/month and she couldn’t even fathom the idea of doing something along the lines of her dream job.

She became pregnant that year, and was forced to take a 3-month maternity leave only to find out that the company no longer needed her servicse.

Naturally, she was quite hard on herself after hearing the news. She was on the wrong side of 30, with a new born baby, no income, and no confidence in herself to network and find herself another job. She went into severe depression, losing 50% of her hair in the process, spending close to 2 months at home and in bed.

It was her husband who came to her side one day and showed her some true love:


‘You can sleep all day, and lose all your hair - or you can do something about - find something you want to pursue and work hard at it,’ he told her.


Joyce decided to act on these words of wisdom and she enrolled herself into a confidence class in the hope that it would help her connect with more people so she could find a job.

During her confidence workshops, she fell in love with the idea of coaching others through their problems.  She saw how fulfilling it was to give other life-changing results and she decided that she would start her own business that she would put her all into.

After her confidence program was complete, she invested in a coaching certification program to learn how she could make a difference in her own life by helping others.

During this time, she began blogging about her life and she was able to attract a significant audience while doing so.

A number of people approached Joyce for advice on starting a blog so she started her business by charging £500 to set up other people’s blogs for them.

She was no expert blogger, nor did see herself as one.  She did have some experience where others did not - and that’s all that was needed to charge for her time.

She used the money to invest in a coaching certification program and followed the 6-step framework to build herself up to a 6-figure income from helping people.

Here’s how she did it:


Step 1: Identify quantifiable target income for replacing current salary

Before she was let go, Joyce was earning £1,200 a month.  She’d be able to replace this with just 2 blogging clients if she charged £1000 extra for her services.

She wanted to make more since she had another mouth to feed but she knew that more time at home meant less daycare bills. She decided to build an income she could live from first.


Step 2: Free up 2-3 weekly "time pockets"

At the time - she was unemployed, but was taking care of her newborn and was busy setting up blogs, completing her coaching assignments, and spending time working on her own blog.

She approached her blog differently by scheduling times to write, and check emails and comments.  This allowed her to have an uninterrupted period of time that she dedicated to her blog so that it continued to grow without the expense of her focus throughout the day. 

She also reinvested some of the money she made to pay for someone to help post to her blog and moderate her Facebook page.

She also decided to take on fewer blogging clients focus more on a different business idea that she’d be able to charge more for.

She knew that she couldn’t dedicate the entire day to working, especially with a newborn to take care of - so she set aside enough time during her baby’s nap times to work on the rest of her to-do list.


Step 3: Identify and immerse into a target market to familiarise with the needs of the market 

She knew she wanted to help other women - but she had to find out what they wanted first.

Since she’d enrolled in the group coaching program, she was introduced to several other women that had similar interests to Joyce, and she decided to start there - and learn more about this market and how she could help them. 

She indulged in conversation - speaking to as many of these women as possible.  She asked about their fears, their frustrations, their hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

She quickly realised that a lot of them were going through the same confidence problems that she had been through after she was let go from her job.

They didn’t have a lot of confidence in themselves, and this was spilling into parts of their business as well.

As Joyce dug deeper, she noticed that a lot of these women were very intimidated by the online world.  They were afraid to put themselves 'out there', and thus their entire demeanour came off as timid, and low quality.


Step 4: Identify a "niche problem" you can solve with your existing skills. Turn this skill into a solution for this key problem

They wanted to stand out, and be noticed, but their inner fears were projected onto their branding.

They weren’t able to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market - and it was clear that a lot of these women were all going through the same frustrations all stemming from their inability to stand out.

Joyce knew exactly how to solve this problem but she had to look at it from the same perspective as these other women.

She mapped out a solution to the problem by breaking down the key concepts that these women would need to understand, and then broke those concepts down into the various skills that needed to be acquired in order for long-term results.

She deduced that through improving their confidence, they would automatically see more people magnetically drawn to them, so she used her skills that she learned through here confidence course to help these women do the same things with their business. 


Step 5: Offer solution to help target customers solve their "niche problem"

Once Joyce had the solution mapped out, she offered the information to a few women in her coaching certification course, and while doing so, she created informational material around what she taught the women.

She then posted this information online through her blog as free content, and people were able to find her through her blog and other forms of social media.

Once she received enough positive feedback, she built an entire coaching package, using her existing material and the feedback she received while helping others in her certification programme.

Since the problem she was solving was discovered through research, she knew it was an underlying issue for many women. It wasn't hard to persuade people to purchase the package since it was created to solve an existing problem.


Step 6: Refine service, scale up and systematise to reach income target

Joyce later began to hold discovery sessions for other similar women entrepreneurs to help them improve their confidence and help them get noticed online.  She’d already built a system that worked and she knew exactly who her target market was and how much they would be willing to pay for her coaching package.

She used Facebook advertising and paid for qualified leads to come to her discovery sessions so that she could present her package to a bigger crowd of people.  From here, she had so much interest that she was able to book herself solid with clients - amounting to a legitimate 6-figure business less than 1 year after being fired from her job as a security guard.


I had a chance to chat with Joyce last month about her success. I asked her what advice she would give to other corporate escapees that are just starting out. Here are some of the biggest take aways from our chat...

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