Become Your Own Boss has three options: 

1. Digital Home-Study Course: 

  • Work through the course content in your own time
  • Unlimited places


2. Live Group Programme:

  • Benefit from weekly live small-group calls where you receive personalised laser coaching
  • Direct access to Rosie
  • 30 places maximum


3. VIP Private Coaching:

  • The most high-touch option.
  • Group-level access to Rosie and the BYOB Community
  • Bespoke mentoring and coaching for your business with weekly private sessions


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Before you enrol in the BYOB system, there are a few conditions you must meet


If your priority is to extract money from your clients instead of helping them resolve their frustrations, then this is not for you

The business model I teach and promote works by helping others succeed. Help your clients get what they want, then in return, they will help you achieve your goals.


If you think you "know it all" already, then this is not for you

You must be ready to trust in the system and follow through with the strategies. EVEN IF you think you've learned about some of the strategies taught in the past, you must be open to APPLYING the strategies the way it's described.  


If you're not ready to give up the "reasons" why you haven't created the life you want up until now, then this is not for you

To grow and create a better life, you cannot cling on to excuses of why you can't succeed. Be ready to identify your limiting beliefs, overcome them with my support, and then you will find success.


If you're not supportive of your peers, then this is not for you

When you join BYOB, you join a sisterhood of mutually supportive Corporate Escapees. There's no room for negativity or put-downs towards others -- If you have your own issues, you must leave them at the door.


If you're not ready for change, then this is not for you

Changes to your lifestyle, your thinking and the relationships with your peers is going to happen. These changes may be uncomfortable, but these changes are necessary for your success. 


If you're not ready to give yourself permission to succeed, then this is not for you

As funny as it sounds, most of us sabotage our own success because we're afraid to give ourselves permission to succeed. When you get started with the BYOB system, you must have the courage to give yourself the permission to make the corporate escape.


Finally, if you're not ready to TAKE ACTION, then this is not for you 

There's no sugar-coating this. Most people want all the benefits without doing any work, that's why most people live a mediocre life. Since you're reading this, you're already among the top 5% of action takers. I’m talking 5-10 hours per week on this side; but consistent action is required.