Are you scared of quitting your job? Most people are. Let’s face it – it’s risky! Most people can’t give up their salary, and so they never get started with their business. They remain stuck in their jobs forever.

But - there is no reason to quit your job before you start your business.

In fact, I recommend the opposite. I tell my clients - I want them to stay in their job until they have an income coming from their business, or at least until the business is set up and they have an audience of ideal clients ready to buy.

My mentoring programme Become Your Own Boss is designed specifically to be taken around a day job - because I also built Living Rosy alongside my hectic corporate career.

In fact, when you follow my programme Become Your Own Boss, I ask you to spend just 5-9 hours per week working on your business. But, to make this work, you need the roadmap. You need to know your precious 5 hours are put to good use.

How would you like to get my step-by-step business building system that’s already proven to work? No guessing games, no frantic Googling by yourself. I really go overboard in this programme - it’s got all the same teaching in it as my $15,000 private coaching. I literally throw everything into this programme because I want you to succeed. I  want more women to become online entrepreneurs.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Month 1: We focus on creating your success mindset and boosting your confidence as a new entrepreneur.
  • Month 2: We discover and validate your business idea! We choose your ideal clients and develop your product as the perfect solution to their needs.
  • Month 3: We start marketing! Learn how to attract ideal clients for free.
  • Month 4: We start to build automated marketing structures so clients can find your business and you can make sales 24/7.
  • Month 5: We build your website! Smoothly, no 3-day Wordpress marathons necessary ;)
  • Month 6: We complete the automation of your marketing by looking at paid adverts and advanced online marketing skills.

If you were to sign up for each element of the training individually, you’d pay nearly $15,000 in total at the market rates.

By the end of my programme, your business is set up, you have an established brand, and you will have built a list of ideal clients who all need your services. You’ve got everything you need to make a consistent $5,000+ income per month.

You are never lost or overwhelmed - it’s broken into weekly bite-sized chunks, and each week builds on the next. I know how it is to have a hectic career and try to build a business alongside, so I’ve made my programme as flexible as possible for you to ensure you succeed.


As you can see, the programme is pretty comprehensive already, but then I started thinking, what else could I give you to ensure you succeed in your business?


I invited industry leading guest experts to create bonus Modules and I’m offering these to you for FREE – but only today.

Untitled design (1).png

BONUS 1: Finance & Tax

Firstly, you probably need help with finances and tax. So, I invited BYOB alumna and accountant to online entrepreneurs Alicia Mahase to give a guest lecture (value: $297).


BONUS 2: Legal Support

Second, you’re probably wondering what to do with copyrights, trademarks, contracts - all the legal stuff.

I’m no lawyer, so I invited online legal expert Gena Shingle Jaffe to create a guest module on all the legal issues you need to consider (value $197).


BONUS 3: Copywriting

Third – you need to craft the right stories and tell your personal story in a powerful way to help grow your business. Kyle Slavik is an expert on marketing through story telling. She’s run campaigns for some of the biggest names in the industry - creating millions of dollars of sales per client! She will be coming to give a guest lecture for Become Your Own Boss participants to help (value, $297).


BONUS 4: Advanced Facebook advertising

Fourth - we have Living Rosy’s own Facebook advertising consultant, Saeed Rajan, coming to give a guest lecture on Facebook advertising trends, new strategies, and advanced tactics so you can get attract as many ideal clients as possible. (value, $297).


BONUS 5: How to Hire Freelancers and Experts to Grow Your Business

And finally, I created a bonus module all around hiring experts and freelancers to help you grow your business. We cover great topics like where to find high quality freelancers, and how to expand your team without it costing much money at all.


All these bonus modules are ONLY available when you purchase Become Your Own Boss via this special offer! That’s a total of $1,385 worth of bonus modules!


Did you know you are the average of the five people you spend most time with?

You feed off the energy of the people around you - so finding women who are also on your path to success is vital for you to reach your potential. The power of sisterhood and connection is enormous.

When you join the programme, you also receive access to the Become Your Own Boss Private Community.

You get to meet a group of likeminded women all building their first online businesses too. You can get support, bounce ideas off each other, and build valuable connections and friendships with these rising stars in online business.

Access to a community like this one is worth so much - other membership sites charge around $2,000 per year. I myself paid $7,500 last year to remain an alumni member of a programme I participated in - and it was worth every penny.

Most programmes only offer membership for the duration of the programme itself, but I am offering 12 months of free membership to my community (valued at $1997) when you join Become Your Own Boss now.


And finally - the big one! You get me!


You get personalised mentoring throughout your time in the programme. At every single step of the way, I am there to guide you, advise you, and give you feedback.

This is where Become Your Own Boss is so different from any other product out there. Usually with digital study programmes like this one, there is no access to the main coach or teacher.

But I’m in and out of the group all the time responding to comments and offering advice.



Here’s a recap of what you get when you join Become Your Own Boss today:

  • Become Your Own Boss Business Programme modules: $14,973
  • 5x Bonus Guest Expert Modules: $1,385
  • 12 month Access to Private Community: $1997

TOTAL VALUE: $18,355


byob digital study image.001.jpeg

Now I’m sure you’re wondering - “well, what on earth is this all going to cost?”

In the past I’ve charged $5,000 for a group programme. I’ve had very happy clients - my group programme scored 4.5/5 the last time I ran it. I’m sure you agree that $5,000 would be a great deal for all you get - especially since you can earn $5,000 a month by the end of it!

But right now I’m not enrolling for a group programme, because I’ve found a much better way of teaching my Become Your Own Boss system.

By creating a digital study programme and the private community, rather than rely on live Skype teaching, I’ve been able to slash the price of the programme and still offer a personalised mentoring experience for you.


When you join today, you’ll get:

  • Become Your Own Boss Business Programme: $14,973
  • 5x Bonus Guest Expert Modules: $1,385
  • 12 month Access to Private Community: $1997

TOTAL VALUE: $18,355


But, I’m only charging $1,497.

(Or, if you need to split the payments, we can even do 6x monthly payments of just $297.)

Click the button to read the full the programme details and enrol.


You are literally paying the bare bones price of an info product, but you get my personal attention and support through out as well. AND $1,385 of extra training!

Now is the BEST time to enrol because I’m offering such an amazing deal – but only today.


Here's what Leah and Keri have to say about Become Your Own Boss:


Plus - 30 day full money back guarantee

I know risk is scary to all of us. We’re wired to avoid uncertainty at all costs- it’s a human survival skill. That’s why I can offer you the programme at zero risk.

That’s right - when you purchase Become Your Own Boss, you can get a full refund at any time in the first 30 days. You can literally join the programme, and check it all out. If you don’t like what you see, I will give you all your money back.

Our refund policy isn’t like other businesses out there. You don’t have to prove you did the work, or anything like that. You don’t need a reason to get a refund, we’ll just give you your money back if you write to us within the first 30 days of purchasing.

I know the programme can deliver. I stand behind my work 100%. That’s why I’m willing to shoulder the risk so you can get the support you need to make your business a reality.


I’m offering you an amazing deal today. You’ll get to build a business and change your life. AND this is a zero risk opportunity for you.

Why would you hesitate? Come join us! I can't wait to welcome you to the programme!


Special offer: $1,497.

(Or, if you need to split the payments, we can even do 6x monthly payments of just $297.)




When you join today, you’ll get:

Become Your Own Boss Business Programme: $14,973

5x Bonus Guest Expert Modules: $1,385

12 month Access to Private Community: $1,997

TOTAL VALUE: $18,355


Enrol today for just $1,497.

(Or, if you need to split the payments, we can even do 6x monthly payments of just $297.)

Click the button to read the full the programme details and enrol.