Are you holding back on starting your business because you doubt your ability as an “expert” in your new field?

Maybe you feel like you lack the experience, or even the knowledge, for people to pay you money.

I definitely felt that way when I first started my business. After burning out and going through so many stress related health problems, I’d finally found a healthy balance and I was able to work in finance again.

I saw all these stressed out women around me, and I felt pulled to help them before they too reached breaking point.

But I was scared I wasn’t qualified – scared I didn’t know enough to help them.

That all changed when I stumbled upon a 16 year old girl’s Instagram account. She had been moderately overweight, and had changed her diet to lose the extra kilos.

And people were going crazy.

Even though she was so young, she had about 15,000 Instagram followers already. She sold healthy cookbooks, and she was making a killing – even though she hadn’t finished high school!

Here I was with a Masters degree, working in a bank, and I felt “unqualified”.

That’s the thing: most of the ‘gurus’ that you follow in anything from fitness to health to fashion have only been around for a few years at most. They don’t have PhDs in nutrition, or years working as a designer.

In fact, most entrepreneurs online have only been in business a few years maximum. Think about it - internet marketing only really took off a few years ago with the boom in social media platforms.

I postponed starting my business for two years – and ended up getting a chronic stress related disease in that time - because I thought I wasn’t qualified to run a business.

Thanks to this girl's courage in stepping out at just 16, she also inspired me to start my entrepreneurial journey.

That moment was an epiphany for me.  I realised I could do this! I could help people. And my knowledge – however limited I was worried it might be - was worth something. Within just months of that epiphany moment, I had replaced my salary through my business.

Lovely,  I want this to be your epiphany moment.

You are ready now to start your business, even if you don’t feel like it. What are you waiting for?!


P.S. Did you know you can start a business alongside your job - BUT - you can’t do it if you make the fatal mistake most newbie entrepreneurs make. 

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