The first time I heard a "yes", my heart was pounding.

Just as I'd been taught, I moved our discussion from her problems to my solution. This was the ‘sales’ part of the call, and I was terrified to hear another ‘no’. For the first time in my business, that month I’d started booking calls from interested potential clients, but until now I’d only heard “no’s".

When this lady agreed to worked with me - and even paid me $500 right then and there - I nearly fell off my chair! I scrambled to retain my composure as we ended the call, then I shrieked with excitement, hastily dialling my husband to let him know what had just happened. I had my first client!!

Previously, I had had a sporadic 7 calls over two months - all no’s. But after that successful sales call, I booked 15 calls in the next 4 weeks. I was on fire! Nothing could stop me now! 

I made $500 that first month, and $1,000 the month after. By the third month, I replaced my previous salary. I had always thought I was a pretty confident person, but boy did my buttons get pushed starting my business! Every inch of self doubt and fear came out along the way. I second-guessed everything those first few months.

What changed?

A few months beforehand, I had gone out on a limb. I had discovered an online business programme that I knew would help me develop the strategy I needed to start generating a real income in my business.

It was a huge investment for me: $5,000 to join this programme.

You see, at the time, I had a rough business idea, but my business model sucked. I was selling £20 cookbooks, but I was struggling to get any traction. I was making about £70 ($100) a month on average.

Hitting the buy button on that $5,000 programme took a whole lot of courage!

But everything changed with that programme. I got the support I needed because I finally had a mentor – someone who had been there before me, and done what I wanted to achieve.

Because I’d invested in a structured mentoring programme (rather than relying on “taking people for coffee” once in a while) my mentor was on hand to provide the strategy and advice I needed the support that we all need to succeed in business.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Tony Robbins - he’s one of the gurus of personal development. He’ll fill entire stadiums with people, have them walk on fire - crazy stuff. He’s turning over multiple BILLIONS in his business. And what’s his advice for newbie entrepreneurs?

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want. Copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results”

This was the secret I discovered too. This secret allowed me to go from earning £70 per month, to replacing my salary within 3 months.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Run your business using proven marketing methods, and you’ll get the results other successful people are getting with them too.

You’ve got this!


P.S. I know when you’ve been trained in one field, it’s pretty scary to consider developing expertise in another – even if it’s a far more interesting line of work! It’s a hurdle I had to overcome when I moved from finance to stress management coaching.

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