I still remember vividly the moment that changed my career forever.

It was mid morning, and I was at my desk at the bank. The phones were buzzing on the trading floor when my own dealer board lit up with a call from the client meeting room floor. 

I picked up the phone: it was my boss. He asked me to come downstairs to the first floor to meet him there.

I knew instantly what was going on. I was getting fired.

You see, just three years ago, I couldn’t have been further from running my own business. I was working at the bank, having taken the straight road from university to a ‘good job’ a few years previously. But unfortunately, I was incredibly unhappy and had been suffering from serious stress related health issues.

I knew the rat race lifestyle and alpha male attitude at work were never going to make me happy, but I had rent to pay in expensive London, with no one to bail me out financially. I was stuck.

Through a series of serendipitous events (my redundancy being one of them), I discovered the world of online business. I was hooked immediately. But I was also scared – so scared I found another 9-5 as soon as I could.

Little by little, I edged into my first business, and I built this up alongside working my day job 7am to 7pm.

But, it wasn’t a smooth ride. I had no previous experience in online marketing – my career up to then had been in finance , - so I had a huge learning curve ahead of me.

For months, my little business plateaued at around £70 ($100) a month. Unhappy with my progress, I made a decision that changed everything. 

This one decision is responsible for me going from making about £70 a month, to replacing my previous salary within 3 months.


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