Who is this programme for?

I work with professional women, usually in corporate, who have extremely stressful careers and busy lives. This used to be my story. 

My clients crave Freedom - to run their own schedule, travel, have free time, and just enjoy life.

Find Your Freedom Business Idea is my starter-pack programme for total business newbies who just want to work out how this "Freedom Business thing" would all play out... people just like you who have the dream of one day working for themselves, replacing their salary, chilling on a nice beach and loving seeing the impact their work has on their clients.



is a home study programme  something you think i'd benefit from or do you think I need 1-1 coaching?

If you’re just dipping your toe in water of entrepreneurship, the smaller price tag and time frame of a home study programme might be more suitable.




What is Find Your Freedom Business Idea?

Find Your Freedom Business Idea is a home study programme teaching you how to discover your ideal business and create your dream lifestyle.

A Freedom Business is flexible enough to allow you to live the lifestyle you desire. The prerequisites for a Freedom Business:

  • it is online and service based - for ease of entry and low cost-base
  • it allows you to choose your working hours and schedule - and makes you location independent
  • it is in an industry or area you love - because who wants to work in something they don’t enjoy?
  • it plays to your own strengths and talents - often you have a skill you totally take for granted that others would kill for
  • it offers huge value to your clientele so you can charge premium prices and earn good money without working all hours )

In the programme, over 6 modules, we go through:

  •  Finding your Freedom Business idea: a deep-dive into your professional experience, skills, talents, passions and personal life experience to piece together the ways you could help others AND make money doing so
  • The different Freedom Business models to find which one is right for you - so you know exactly how you can replace your salary consistently with just a few sales a month
  • How to find clients easily: how to niche down your marketing so you only work with amazing ideal clients you love AND your messaging magnetically attracts them
  • Personal success: The inner work you must do to ensure you don’t hold yourself back from success - aka mindset work, limiting beliefs, and wealth consciousness I mentioned above
  • Choosing your ideal lifestyle: an entire module on creating your vision for your ideal life - so you can get out there and make it real asap!
  • The tips and tricks I use personally to ensure my life and business runs exactly the way I desire - income, time management, personal confidence, and more

By the end of the programme, you’ll know exactly what your Freedom Business will be, how it will work, what kind of money you will make and a whole load of really practical skills to launch your business ASAP.


What if I decide the programme is not right for me?

I’m including a 14 day no questions asked, full money back refund policy.

Jump in, check out the course, see how you like it, and if it’s totally not your cup of tea - just let us know.

No risk to you.

I stand behind my programmes so much that I’m willing to shoulder that risk for you. I trust that you’re a good person and you won’t mess me around (I do have a team whose wages I need to pay). But if you need that refund policy as a security net - it’s there for you.


How much time to I need to dedicate to the programme?

 The programme is extremely streamlined - it’s likely to take 2-3 hours per module with 6 modules. You can go through at your own pace - bash it out over a weekend, go through once per week, or take longer if you desire to.


Is it live?

No, this is a home study programme that you can work through at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.


if I buy today, can I defer the start? 

The course is a home study programme so you can work at your own pace, deferring as long as you need.



Value for money


How do you make sure that the video modules are effective learning?

All of my programmes - even the live 1:1 private coaching - have a suite of video modules to do the "teaching" aspect of my work. The benefit is you can pause, rewind, watch again to take in what is being taught. 

There are also workbooks which ask the right questions for you to work through at your own pace and to help you come to the right realisations about your ideal business idea and lifestyle.

This programme is designed as an entry level, cost-effective way to access the information and learning, I can't offer live 1:1 support. For sake of comparison, getting this information via 1:1 coaching would require an investment of £2700 for this area of the curriculum alone. However, I do offer access to the recorded Q&A sessions with my previous live group so you can learn from their questions too.


Are the modules sufficiently in-depth to be value for money?

Each module is approximately 1 hour of video and the workbooks should take 1-2 hours to fill out. It's not so much about how long the modules are, more that I make it the powerful learning experience you need in the most efficient time possible. We're all way too busy to waste time!

From a value perspective, you're learning how to develop a business idea that can earn £/$ 5,000-10,000 per month - i.e. £/$ 120,000+ per year. The cost of the programme is a tiny percentage of that - and that's just for one year of earnings.

I have invested over $50,000 in programmes and education (learning which I then filter into my own programmes). I've personally seen a return on even that investment multiple times in my first year or so in business.



Could I figure out my business idea without any additional help/cost?

Harsh truth - if you can do that, you’ll be in business already!

There is zero dishonour in getting support. All successful people have a team of experts around them. You won’t find a CEO or even a senior manager nowadays who doesn’t have their own executive coach.

One of the biggest learnings I have had is that investing in support pays for itself multiple times over.

Firstly there’s the ROI generated by the business idea itself once you’re up and running (you’d need just one quarter of a client to pay back your investment). Then, there’s the opportunity cost of wasting time trying to figure out a business idea and NOT earning money in the meantime. Finally, there’s the actual costs you’ll likely pay if you get to a badly formulated business idea and waste money trying to get it off the ground.


I'm concerned that the course points towards a service based/coaching and premium brand. If I decide I want to go into some other kind of business, will it be applicable?

The purpose of the programme is to get clarity on your desires in business and life - and mould a business model and idea to them.

Service based, premium brands offer the easiest and lowest cost entry into business, and the quickest route to earning a decent income.

But, some people take the course and, in working through it, end up on other paths.

Here’s one email I received recently:



I’m not here to pull the wool over your eyes - launching a business takes time and effort. Even with the mentorship of a coach, members of my main coaching programme Become Your Own Boss take at least 6 months to get up and running. They expect to make money somewhere between months 3 and 9, depending on how much of the teaching they implement.

The benefit of Find Your Freedom Business Idea is that you can “dip your toe in the water” to find out what this is all about before you commit to a months-long programme. It’s also one third of the investment of Become Your Own Boss.

While Find Your Freedom Business Idea focuses on validating your idea (6 weeks is not a large enough container of time to implement all the business launch elements) the final module of this programme maps out your action plan so you are in a position to get started with launching your business right from the get-go.


What does the next package up entail?

If you feel ready to move past the idea stage and actually launch your business, I recommend my Become Your Own Boss 6 month programme.





I'm concerned that my focus isn't 100 percent....

What are you overwhelmed by? If its your career, I'd recommend you jump in the programme and follow along. I developed specifically for women who are in a  busy day job for them to start a business on the side. That means, the programme is extremely streamlined - it’s likely to take 2-3 hours per week over 6 weeks. 

Module 3 delves into time management methods so you can carve out small “time pockets” to work on your business ideas.

Trust me, I know just how overwhelming business can be - there are so many things to do and ideas to try. I've personally found having a mentor and following their steps has got me out of that place of "too much going on" and made me focus. When I stay very focused on the right methods and have just one goal, that's when I see huge shifts and up levels.


What if I have a busy career / new job / family?

Even if there's other things in your life overwhelming you (trust me there too - I've moved house 3x in the last year and been sick myself plenty of times - but my business has still grown exponentially). You can still build a great business when you have other worries or responsibilities - but then focus and being strict with your time becomes even more important.


I don’t have the money

Wealth consciousness and money mindset is a huge learning experience - which I do introduce in the first module of the programme. Shifting my perception of and fear around money played a huge part in my own business success.

We all have different priorities and choose to allocate our resources according to them. You may “not afford” this programme but buy clothes, a holiday, or go on a night out. That’s ok! 

The course is designed to run over 6 weeks - so the cost per day equates to your Starbucks habit; a twice-weekly yoga session; or a weekly girls night out in a cocktail bar. While it is not my place to say how you spend your money, often when we get really clear on our priorities we realise the money was there waiting for us all along.


What other coaching services such as this are out there? What kind of price tag do they have?

My programmes are in line with my peers and colleagues (we know each other well and I mastermind with most of them!). 

I’ve seen home study programmes even up to $3000 for an 8 week course. On the other side, programmes under about $100 are rarely very high quality or in-depth.

While I do price on value (the key to a premium brand), with this programme I focus on making it as accessible as I possibly can - so the price is as low as I can go.




There is no 'required standard' to work with me - just practicalities like being able to speak fluent English so we can communicate.

Most of my clients and community are either still in the corporate world or just launching their own businesses and want to see them grow. They come to me for business coaching but also for a shift in personal mindset to be able to succeed.


I want to do something similar to you and don't want you to think I've copied or mimicked your ideas

You'll hear this in the course - but part of my own philosophy is that there is no competition because we all offer our own unique spin on our teaching.

Your own life experience and personality will influence your business and message in a way that will undoubtedly be different to mine, since we are each different people (and different to everyone else too).

The contents of my course are covered by my own IP copyright in the contract so no worries there. 

If you've got a business idea then I say go for it! You are more than welcome to take my course and I hope to see you there soon.



What if I don't like entrepreneurship?


I'm the sort of person that likes to be around others, so I worry I would be very lonely as an entrepreneur.

Becoming an entrepreneur is anything but lonely! You get to choose who you work with and how/where you work each day - from a cafe with friends and other entrepreneurs, at home alone if you prefer, or at home connecting with peers and colleagues online.


My job isn't awful. In fact, some days I really like my job. I just wonder if I would be more fulfilled outside of the corporate world. I worry that I would be jumping out of something that's actually ok, into something I might not enjoy or really struggle with. 

First up, no one is quitting their job right away. Rent has to be paid - whether its from business profits, or your salary while your side-hustle your way to profit.

You don’t need to have an awful job to become an entrepreneur. I’ve had “OK’ jobs too - nice enough people, good pay, the hours “weren’t too bad”. But I only had 25 days to travel per year and I was still out of the house 12 hours a day. I had to stand on a packed commuter train for 2 hours a day.

It's just that I decided I was no longer willing to compromise on anything - I wanted everything in my life to be exactly as I wanted it. And that’s what the flexibility of a Freedom Business offers you. Nowadays I take afternoons off most days, I travel every month at least once, I work from cafes, I meet amazing people, and I’m now earning more per month than I did with a six-figure salary back in the corporate world.

If you want everything to go your way - likely a Freedom Business is the only way you will get that.


I'm waiting to make some money or get my idea first before I invest with a coach

If you are feeling unclear about the direction of your business and/or how to start getting it up and running, I'd really recommend you consider working with a coach. That's what we're here for!

After all, there's no point in hiring a coach to give you the answers you already know :)

Trying to work everything out by yourself is such a long way around and is such a waste of time - and money too - when you aren't sure what to invest in or what your business needs. Working by yourself can be years of struggle when you don’t know what to do. After all, you're moving into an entirely new industry so it's normal that you would need training.



What if I already have a business but want to change?

If you come in with an idea fully formed, that's great. You can use the course to double check it really serves you, and learn how to price your services, etc and gain confidence in that niche.

If you aren't sure on your desired business, that's great too - you can come in and do the exercises to find your ideal business idea. It's designed for people to come in with no real defined idea.



The course would be really useful for you to ensure that you can validate your idea, but also to make sure it will give you the lifestyle you desire.

If you've got ideas but are a little unsure, I'd suggest taking all the exercises with an open mind and seeing whether you end up at your current business ideas or whether, after working through the programme, you discover that actually you've uncovered better ideas over the course of the programme!

In brief, we'll be looking at you yourself, your confidence and get you ready to step up as an expert and charge your worth. We'll also look at your past experiences, passions, interests, hobbies, talents etc to find your ideal business offering, then niche down to your ideal target market. Finally, we'll go over your 30 day plan for to get the business up and running. 


got a question we haven't covered? Ask us!

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