How do we make a consistent income in business? With consistent marketing of course! But when you’re still in your day job, it’s so hard to the time and energy to write loads of content. (Let’s face it - even when you work on your business full time it’s all too easy to run out of ideas!) Today I’m sharing how I plan out my marketing content well in advance to make sure I always have something to share with my readers.


Choose a Publishing Schedule

First things first, decide how much you want to post. There a quite a few considerations here. How much time do you really have per week? How much do your readers really want to hear from you? When we work with busy people, they often don’t have time to read all the stuff we put out. 

Also consider the platforms you are using in your business. Email is key; but what other social media platform is your ideal client most likely to be on? When you’re pushed for time, I recommend focusing on just one main social media platform.

Whatever schedule you choose, choose one you can be consistent with. Start slower if you need - you can always build up.


Find Your Content Categories

Do a little market research and see what kind of content your audience needs. What are the main questions they ask? What do they most struggle with? If you’ll be posting weekly, choose 4 categories - one for each week of the month. For weeks with a 5th month, you can choose a more random category - like books you’ve loved or other one-off tips.

For example, a weight loss coach might focus on diet, fitness, the emotions of eating, and time management for cooking/working out.

A financial advisor might see their audience wants more info on saving money, investing money, money mindset, and financial education.

Choose 4 “themes” for your business. If you don’t yet have an audience - check out the audience of someone in the same field as you. What do their clients ask for?


Create Monthly Themes

Choose a word, emotion, or general theme for each month. I quite like the emotion variation, because it keeps you connected to how you want to feel each month of the year. For example, January could be “Satisfied”; February could be “Connected”, March could be “Inspired”; April could be “Wealthy”, etc...

You can now connect your themes to your weekly category. For example, for the health coach, week 1 in January could be Diet + Satisfied. How could you match these together? Well, you could write something on “How to be Satisfied while on a Diet”; or “Which Diet Foods to Eat to Feel Satisfied”.

Go through your grid and brainstorm rough titles or concepts for each piece of content. When you’re done, you have a whole year’s worth of content ideas ready for you!


Batch Your Work

When we’re time-deprived, batching saves us. It is so much more efficient to do multiple versions of the same task at once, rather than repeat similar tasks week after week. I currently write my content on a monthly basis - if you can write even more at once, even better. 

Write up all your blog posts or emails for the month in one go - it should take you anywhere from 1-3 hours per blog depending on how fast you write. And there you go - a month of marketing content done! Schedule it in to go out over the month, and you don’t need to touch it any more!


Have you started writing consistent content for your new business yet? What tricks do you use? Leave me a comment and let me know! 


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