What’s Your Why? You probably hear this term bandied around a lot online and at seminars, but what does it really mean? Why is it important? Let’s find out...


What is a Why?

Well first all of all, what is a “why”? Your why is a raison d’être; a driving force, an overwhelming motivation for you to take action in your life. 

On a fundamental level, all humans only act out of motivation. It could be the motivation to fulfil a basic need and escape a pain, like eating when you’re hungry. It could be that you act to step towards pleasure - to feel happy. Even seemingly selfless acts, like giving to charity, usually have a self-focused motive behind them - it makes you feel good to be a nice person.


Why is this important? 

Without a good “why”, a good motivation to do something, your interest will likely wane over time. If you want to effect real change, in your life, your career, your body etc - it’s going to be a big project. You can’t just sit for 5 minutes and bingo, your finances, or weight, or career satisfaction are solved.

This is especially important in starting a business. Especially a Freedom Business. You see, when you’ve worked a 12 hour day, and your tired, and your boss was mean, and Scandal is on TV, it’s really easy not to bother working on your business idea. Just like the gym is always something you do “tomorrow”, so will your business be unless you take action on a consistent basis.

When you know why you are working on your business all evening - when you find your drive - you’ll be unstoppable. 


What is Your Why?

So how do you find your “why”?

Here’s where it’s key to go back to your desires. Imagine your most perfect life. If I could give you a cheque for $10 million, or $10 billion, and money was no longer a factor, how would you spend your days? What would you buy? What would be your indulgences?

When you know what really drives you, when understand that you can have whatever you imagine, and you truly believe you are getting ever closer to reaching that dream - it’s honestly the most exciting motivation you’ll ever encounter.


Be Honest

No one is out to judge you on your  dreams. Where someone might dream of working from the corner office of a multimillion dollar company, another might dream of spending all day with her kids while making enough to send them to private school. Where one person genuinely adores philanthropy, the other might be driven by desiring the fanciest car and the biggest house.

Be honest about what your why really is. If you tell yourself what you think it should be, it’ll lose all its power.

What’s your why for your business? 



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