Today I want to talk about what it really takes to build a freedom business. Now, I know this term can be new for some of you. A freedom business is a business which is built around the life that you want to have. It starts off with what you want, and it builds out from there. Rather than you focusing on a career or a job or any other form of employment, and then having to fit your life around that, it puts your life at the forefront and makes it the priority.


How do we achieve freedom?

So how do we achieve this? Well, first of all, we need to earn what we need to earn to be able to afford the things that we want. And we also need to work a bit less. So the way we achieve this, and the way I found which is the best to do so, is to create a business which you can operate online so you can operate it from anywhere in the world. As you can see right now, I’m in New Zealand, which is amazing.

And it’s a business which is service-based, so there’s huge amount of value involved in what you’re offering. We can go into how to create your business idea and things later on, but it’s a service-based business. And it’s one which creates a premium brand, so the services that you’re offering are more expensive, are chunky amounts of money, so that you’re not having to chase 5000 clients for $5 to be able to afford to live the life that you want to live.

So the way that I’ve set up my business and the way that I teach my clients to set up theirs is to create a premium, live service – which could be coaching, could be consulting. For example, if you’re a service-based professional yourself, it could be accountancy or something like that. And you create a package around that, which can be sold for a couple of thousand pounds or a thousand dollars, in which case you only need between two to four clients a month to be able to create the income that you really need.


Why do you want freedom?

So first of all, how do we actually determine what to do with our freedom business? Well, before we get into any actual business ideas or models or how to market or how to get clients, or any of the technicalities, it’s really important that we first of all start with what it is that you want! What are your desires?

So in this workbook, the worksheet that I’ve printed off for this video, what I want you to do is think about what you really want from life. So go through each area of your life, and there’s a circle there on the page. It’s called a life wheel, and I want you to give each area of your life a mark out of ten. So 1 is ‘really terrible, couldn’t get worse’; and 10 is ‘absolutely amazing, couldn’t get any better’. And with this life wheel, when you’ve done that, I’ll let you pause the video and do that just now…


How can you improve your life?

When you’ve done that, at the bottom of the page, think about how you could improve each area. So what would be – let’s say your relationship is a 5: what would improve your relationship? Is it having more time to go on date nights? Is it maybe having a consistent income so that you’re not having money fights all the time? What would it be that would really improve the situation in your relationship?

Similarly, if your leisure time is little, what would improve that? Would it be to have more time, would it be to have more money to be able to do the things you want to do? Would it be to take up a new hobby? Think about the things that you want to achieve. I’ll let you write them down.


Make sure you dream big

And with this, it’s very important that you allow yourself to dream big. Don’t be stuck in the same reality that you’re currently unhappy in. So if currently, let’s say you work 60 hours a week and you commute two hours a day, your job is boring, your boss hates you, you’ve got two weeks of holiday a year – all the typical stuff that I’ve been through and I know most of my clients are going through as well – don’t just imagine: “Well, it would be amazing for me to go on holiday for those two weeks to Hawaii.” Think bigger than that. How would it be if you actually lived in Hawaii six months a year; how would it be if you actually travelled through Europe living in five-star hotels? How would it be if you could backpack across New Zealand for six weeks at a time, all the while running your business?

Now, you might think that this is totally impossible, but I’m living it right now. I’m originally based in Scotland, and I was living in London for five years, working there in investment banking. But nowadays, I can run my business from absolutely anywhere in the world, and as I said, right now I’m in New Zealand, which you possibly can’t see, but it’s quite sunny. We’re very close to Hobbiton, for any Lord of the Rings fans, right now – so I’ll be going there later today, actually.

And I’m running my business now in a couple of hours a day, in the early mornings before the people I’m traveling with wake up. So it is doable, and it’s really possible to create this kind of life for yourself. And yes, I’ll go back, I’m actually heading on to Beirut after this, and I’ll be living in Beirut and staying in one place, so I’ll working a little bit more – maybe 5 or 6 hours a day. But that is genuinely my life, and it has been now for the last 18 months.

So get past those blocks and beliefs around what is ‘normal’ or what is available to you. Really expand your dreams and your desires into something that is much bigger and much more exciting for you. So if everything was completely unlimited for you – what would your life look like? I’ll let you write that down.


Track your time

So this is the first part of my training series, and obviously, you’ve had a lot to think about here, and to think up your big dreams. But I want to give you something that’s tangible as well. This is your homework, as it were, for this part of the training course. At the next part of the worksheet, you can see that there’s a time diary: I want you to start tracking how you spend your time. Maybe think about the last week: what you were doing every single day of the week?

And then what I want you to do is I want you to find five hours, which you could block off to start working on your business. So this could be five hours in one go, maybe Saturday morning; this could be one hour every evening in the weekday, one hour every weekday morning. This could be two two-hour slots and a little bit extra – that’s up to you. It’s really whatever works in your schedule, but I want you to find those five-hour slots because if you can find five hours a week, you can start a freedom business as well.

That’s all it’s going to take, and I have an entire suite of training on that available to you. So if you hang around and wait for my next video, you’ll find out more there!



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