When we’re new in business, it’s really common to be terrified of selling! I know I was when I first got started! I’d sweat before sales calls, worried how they were going to go...

But selling doesn’t have to be scary or icky or pushy - even when you’re selling a premium programme that’s worth thousands. Especially when you have a premium brand, selling has to be more than just saying, “Hey, buy my thing!”. There is relationship build you have to go through - I call it the ‘know, like, and trust’ cycle.

Bear in mind these important must do's before you throw in your best sales pitch. 😃


Understand the numbers

Not everyone is going to buy from you - in fact, 95-99% of the people are not going to buy from you! (At least not right now). But that’s fine, because the other 1-5% will. So thinking about the numbers, if you want to get 4 clients per month, you will probably need to reach 400 people a month.

This statistic works in the long haul - for your first client, you may need more than 100 people on your list, because you will take some time to get your messaging right and attract the right people.

How are you going to reach those people?  If you think about it, even 400 people is not a lot of people - it's not even 14 people per day! If you had conversations with 14 relevant people each day, you’d likely find 4 clients by the month’s end.

So if getting 4 clients a month consistently is not that difficult to achieve - getting your first sale will be even easier :)


Get Visible

There are plenty of fancy ways to build your list - social media ads, Google ads, and so on. These will be really powerful in the long haul as it allows you to automate your marketing. Social media ads are my favourite way to build my list, and that’s what I teach in my Freedom Business Academy.

While I recommend that you prioritise learning how to automate your marketing; there are plenty of other options to get out there and get your first client. Make a list of all the places your ideal clients could be, both online and offline, and get out there and hustle! Give talks at yoga studios if you’re in the health world, for example. Offer support and advice in relevant Facebook groups. Go to meet-ups and networking events where your tribe will be there.


Develop a strong relationship with your clients

Rather than just jumping in for the sale and seeming desperate, you need to create a strong relationship with your client. You must have them get to know you. Find out about them and what it is that they need. Assert expertise in your niche and give them a lot of quality content. Update and ask them questions, go for interaction on your social media channels, emails, calls, or webinars.

Once you’ve got enough people in your world, keep on engaging them and explaining to them what it is that you do. Be consistent in your communication. Your clients have to begin trust you and understand that you can give them what they need before they will every buy from you.


Help your clients understand the value of your service

Remember, if they are your ideal clients, you can help them solve their problem. Investing in your service is worth it for them.  Help them see that what you are offering is a solution to what’s keeping them up late at night. Get clear on how working with you will help them - what are all the ways your service will be valuable?

For a premium service, its best to get on the phone with them for a sales call or ‘discovery session’. By interacting directly, you can hear exactly what it is your clients require, and understand if your service will meet their needs. If it does, you’re then in a great position to help them see the full value of precisely what your service will offer them.


So go out there, it’s not gonna be overnight of course. But as you improve on your marketing, as you understand what it is you need to do, as you get really, really clear on your clients, you can reach your goal in as fast as three months. It doesn’t have to be this massive, long, epic workathon. It doesn’t have to be difficult. You can do this! <3


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