Do you ever feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel - you’re working all hours on your business idea, but you’re getting nowhere? This feeling is all too common, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

I remember when I quit my corporate job to focus on my tiny business, I was so excited to be able to have my whole day totally free. I imagined waking up and doing 2 hours of yoga, making $10k while sipping an almond milk latte in my favourite healthy cafe before heading out to meet friends…. instead, I ended up working 9-5, hustling, and feeling drained. We were moving house, and I was appalled my boyfriend (now husband) wanted me take time out of my hectic work day to view flats for him. Why couldn’t he dash out on his corporate lunch break, I grumbled - it’s not like I had all the time in the world you know?!

Quite what I found to do all day I don’t even know - but it involved trawling through every day to hit up new networking events (because the old ones weren’t good enough I suppose?!); lingering in Facebook groups “just in case” someone popped up; and meeting up with “connections” with no real agenda. I realised I had carried the same busy, hectic corporate mindset with me all the way from finance to freedompreneurship. I was anything but free - I didn’t even let myself leave the house during my “work time” of 9-5!

Luckily, I caught that mindset block and nipped it in the bud super quick. I reeled my to-do lists back in, and focused on what would actually make my business grow: marketing. As a solopreneur like you probably are, or aspire to be (back then I was a health coach), my own personal brand was key. I had to get visible.


Here are 5 ways I made sure I was in front of the right people all the time:


Post consistently

I was running a Facebook Page, Twitter account and Instagram back then. I made sure I had relevant content on each platform each day. Rather than just replicating content across all three, I had different post for each. Often this was just sharing a relevant article or blog post. Sometimes it was a motivational quote or a picture or story from my daily life.

I also had a tiny list of about 100 people, but I made sure I sent out interesting mailers twice per week - one content based and one with more focus on inviting potential clients to book an introductory call with me.


Choose a message

At the beginning, I knew I was a health coach, but I didn’t know what my clients really wanted from me. I flip flopped between weight loss, holistic health and motivation. Naturally, my message was all over the place and so I couldn’t get any traction. It wasn’t until I polled my small audience and actually asked them what they wanted, that I saw it was stress management. I realised that was my story too - my health problems and extra weight all stemmed from a stressful workplace!

Once I had figured out my angle, I grew my list from not even 200 to over 1,000 people in just a month.


Automate Your Lead Generation

We start a business to stop trading dollars for hours - so I try to automate and delegate as much as I can. Spending hours in groups, to add to your list by a couple of people a day makes zero sense. Instead, start running Facebook ads (or social ads on whatever platform your audience is on) and enjoy seeing your list grow literally while you sleep! My client Michelle just launched her first ad yesterday, and she was literally bouncing up and down: "I've had 1 sign up! AAAAAAHHHHHHH! ! Hahaha. I'm so excited! Trust me, it gets addictive 😃

Remember how I grew my list by 800 people in just a month? That was because I started running Facebook ads. My first ad was a totally flop - I hired someone for $400 and didn’t even get one person to sign up for my free offer 😔  When I tried again with my re-aligned messaging, I started getting conversions for just $0.50! It didn’t take a huge investment to grow my list - and from that boosted audience, I ended up selling 3 private health coaching packages!


Brand your marketing

To start being more noticeable, make your branding more cohesive. Choose 2-3 colours that you use for all your branding, and 1-2 fonts. Create templates for your post graphics (Canva is great for beginners) so the style always looks the same.

Also, Try adding your website url or your social media handles to your graphics so people start to associate their design with your company. This is great when you create shareable content on Facebook.


Up your energy

Finally, always remember your mindset! If you feel low and exhausted, or scared no one will buy, that will come out in your copy. Your readers will sense it, even subconsciously. Instead, make your content creation a pleasurable experience - even if you’re still in your day job, don’t bang out some crappy post at 10pm once you get home; instead make it an event you look forward to: take yourself to your favourite cafe or luxury hotel lobby to dream up your messages for the week with a cappuccino by your side. Give yourself a taste of your future Freedom Life!

Once I dropped my own personal slave driving, I started letting myself have fun with my work. I’d go to different parts of London to feel the different vibes - from industrial hipster cafes in Shoreditch, to buzzing Soho, to the refined elegance of the Ritz, to my local Paul coffee shop where they knew just how I liked my coffee (and snowman chocolate lollipop in winter, don’t judge!). The shift in mindset worked - people started reading my posts and emails. Clients started booking in. I even started getting featured in magazines and newspapers! 


What can you commit to doing to up your visibility in your business this week? Even if you don’t yet have a business, how can you step up and make it one step closer to reality for you? Leave a comment and let me know!


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