Taking your Freedom Business on the Road

Today, I want to talk about bringing your business on the road. Can you really live a freedom life where you can travel full time and run a six-figure business? How do you do it? What do you need to do?

I recently took my business on the road for over a month to LA, then all across New Zealand and then back to LA again. So I want to share with you today exactly how I did this and what I needed to prep beforehand in order to allow my business to run while I wasn’t physically present in an office every single day – because that’s the real meaning of a freedom business. 


Set up flexibility in your business from the get-go

Number one: you need to set up your business to allow for down time. Now, obviously, you can have a business with a fully passive income, but for many people, that’s not what they want and that’s not how Living Rosy is set up, either. I have live coaching clients; I have some private clients; I have some group programmes, so I do need to be present at some points throughout the month as well. But it’s still possible to go travelling, it’s still possible to run a freedom business even if you have a live presence as well.

The way I can do this is that I’ve created implementation weeks in my business, so I coach for the first three weeks and then the last one or two weeks (depending on the length of the month) are when I don’t have any live calls. This works really well for me obviously because that allows me to travel, and it allows me some down time as well as time to work on bigger projects (if I want to work on bringing a new programme to life per example).

But it also works for my clients because my women are really busy, corporate workers, so they may or may not still be in a job while we’re coaching together and therefore they’re going to have life things that come up. They’re going to travel, they’re going to need some time off as well – life can get busy. So it really works for them to have that time to implement without necessarily learning something new every single week. It allows them to catch up, it allows them to have some time off, and so it’s a win-win for both of us. That’s why I recommend that if you’re going to have a live coaching model that you do have some form of flex week/implementation week/down time/whatever it might be – because it works really well for both parties.


Prep your business before you leave

Next up, you need to prep your business before you leave. You can’t just up sticks and run! I pre-wrote some emails, I pre-filmed some blogs, and it actually works better when you do. It’s called batching; so when you batch your work, it makes you more efficient, which is key to a freedom business so that we can do as much and be as productive as possible in as little time as possible.

I recommend that whether you’re travelling or not: it’s what I do as well, but prepping your business before you leave allows for anything to go wrong, like to arrive and the Wi-Fi doesn’t work, or for your plane to be delayed. So I recommend that you’re always prepped in advance, and this makes sense as well even if you’re not traveling. You never know when there might be a medical emergency or there might be something that goes wrong in your daily life, so it really helps for you to be a little bit ahead of your schedule in terms of your business and your marketing as well. 


Delegate while you’re travelling

It’s very important to have people on the ground. If you want to switch off that’s absolutely fine, I recommend it as much as possible, but there needs to be somebody overseeing the business in case something goes wrong. I actually went traveling this time and I didn’t even have any VA support, I was just running things by myself. It worked for a month. Next time, I probably will have some form of admin assistance as well, but I do have a tech support on retainer, so I can email him at any time and he can fix things for me at 24 hours notice, which is key. I’ve had the experience before where I arrived in Florence and my entire site shut down because WordPress had messed something up, so it was extremely helpful to have him on retainer and just get that set up for me and get things back on track a.s.a.p. while I was at a conference and doing other things and wasn’t able to dedicate that time to it.


Stay connected

And then the final thing to be focused on is to remain connected while you’re away. You can run a freedom business from absolutely anywhere in the world as long as you have Wi-Fi, so it is critical that you have some form of internet support and internet connection while you’re away. You’d be very surprised at the places that have Wi-Fi and the places that don’t. I’ve been in tiny villages in Argentina where the Wi-Fi was fabulous, and I’ve traveled across large cities in New Zealand and even if the Wi-Fi  was fast, it had a limited bandwidth. So it’s crucial that you make sure to discover what the Wi-Fi situation is going to be like, that you ask the right question of the hotels, the accommodation where you’re going to be staying, so that you know that you’re connected at all times – because if you’re not connected nothing can happen, unfortunately.


So those are my four tips for making sure that things go well while you’re traveling. You need to first of all set up the flexibility in your business from the get-go. You need to prep before you leave and make sure that you’re a little bit ahead of the game on your schedule with your business. It’s really important to delegate and have outside support from other people. And just make sure that you are on your game with the Wi-Fi connection while you’re away – that’s very important from personal experience, I can promise you that.

So it’s feasible to be able to work from the road, to travel full time. There will be some times where you can take two weeks off completely, and there’ll be some weeks where you are doing maybe thirty hours a week in your business, but it can kind of ebb and flow as you want it to go. And that’s the key with a freedom business: it gives you that flexibility to do what you want to do, achieve what you want to achieve, earn what you want to earn, and live the life that you want to live. And that’s why I love what I do, and I love teaching women how to start their own freedom businesses as well.

So where would you love to travel to if you could run your own freedom business? I would absolutely love to know. Leave me a comment in the comments below, and I will catch you later. Bye, guys!



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