Today, I want to talk about thinking bigger with your travel. How much travel could you really accomplish? I’ll tell you now.

If you’re like me, I’ll bet you are crazy about travel. I mean, who doesn’t love traveling? Seeing new countries, experiencing new cultures, and if you’re a foodie like me, eating amazing new cuisines. It’s just so enriching to see new places and change up your lifestyle every time you go somewhere new. But I bet you’ve discarded your travel dreams.

We've been conditioned to shrink our dreams

In the corporate world, you get – if you’re lucky – 20 days of holiday a year, 4 weeks. You can go to a couple of places and maybe have one big holiday where you can see a new place and the rest of it is spent visiting family and taking sick days etc. So we’re conditioned to shrink down our travel dreams. Instead of living somewhere for 6 months, we think we can do it in two weeks and that’s it for the year, that’s our allowance. So I want to get you out of that small-mind thinking and help you to grow your travel dreams. Even if you have kids or a mortgage or what we’d call ‘real life problems’, you can do whatever you want with your life – under the right conditions, of course, which I’ll explain in a moment.

I recently gave up my "real life". I had a beautiful flat in London, my fiancé was working in finance, where I used to work as well, and we’ve given all that up and we’re going to travel full time now. And the thing is, we can travel as fast or as slow as we want. We’re not going to be living out of suitcases, and we’re not going to be living in backpackers’ hostels. We’ll literally take our normal life, the same standard of living that we had in London, and move it from here to Europe, to the US or to Beirut, or to wherever we want it to be. We can do holidays, we can do countryside, we can do beach, we can do city life as we want, and we can live there for whatever period of time we feel like living there for.


You decide

So it doesn’t have to be that you are full time on the road and touring, moving to a new place every couple of days. You can stay somewhere for two or three days as long as your visa will allow it, obviously. You can live wherever you want to live and experience as many cultures as you want to experience full time, while having as much of a routine as you want or any of the real-life things you want to experience.

The reason that I can do this is that I have created an online business, which I can run from anywhere in the world, as long as I have a laptop and a WiFi connection. As long as I have both of those things, life can go on as normal. I’m not working as many hours as I used to do in my corporate job; I can run my business in anything from 5 to 20 hours a week, depending on the ebb and flow of what needs to get done. I recently just went traveling for a full month, and I ran my business in an hour a day on weekdays only. So it’s really feasible to go up and down and have busier times and less busy times, and it’s never as busy as working a full-time job. I can be in a place like Florence; I can be in a place like LA; and I can fully experience all that it has to offer even though I’m running business as usual.


Life goes on

And life goes on for us: we save, we have pensions and we live normal lives. That’s not affected because my income is as much as it used to be in my former banking job. And that’s what’s really beautiful about a freedom business. It is that you get out of this dollars-for-hours mentality. You can start creating leverage, and work less and earn a similar (if not more) amount of money as you did in your corporate job.

So what I really want to ask you is: if you could live anywhere; if you could move around; what would that look like? Would you have two homes in different places and have summer all year round? Would you backpack all year round? Or would you want to live in just one place and work from home and maybe have just more holidays per year? What would your dream look like for you? I will reply to all your comments in the comments section below!



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