Do you often feel stuck for inspiration? You’ve got no idea where to turn, or what to do next in your business? Are you struggling to find a niche, or worried what programme to run next? Do this one thing to let your creative spirit flow!

If you ever feel blocked, stuck, or just confused, there’s one thing you must do. You have to stop. Yes, crazy though it sounds, sometimes backing away from the problem helps you find the solution.



Most of us from the corporate world are analytical. We’re taught how to think logically in school. The methodical mind does well when trying to remember answers for tests and exams. We’re taught to work hard and be diligent to get ahead.

But creativity doesn’t work like that. The more you push, the more impossible it is for creativity and intuition to flow.


Give Space

Giving yourself space each day allows you to clear your mind. With a mind empty of all the to-do lists, negative self talk and general spin, you might actually have the space to think laterally!

Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and centre yourself each day. Just sitting quietly and breathing deeply for a couple of minutes is often all it takes to calm and cents yourself for the day.


My secret to Success

I have a daily routine that I introduce to all my clients which I’ve found is key to my success. I always start my day this way. On the rare occasions I stop for a while, I see my results drop incredibly. First, I read from an inspiring book. Then, I journal. I let my thoughts out onto the page to see what’s really going on in my head. I re-state my goals to bring them to the forefront of my mind. Then, I visualise myself having already achieved them. 

Only then do I sit quietly for a few minutes and ask myself what the best use of my time is each day. You see, by then I’ve released any stuffy or negative energy, I’ve upped my positivity and self belief, and I’ve gently focused my mind again on what’s really important to me. With this cleared mental state, I’m then able to find the answers to my question much more easily.

I cannot tell you enough how key this little routine is. No matter how “busy” you are (I want you to ban that word), prioritise these 10 or 15 minutes to yourself in the morning. It will save you so much time and effort during the day. 



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