When we first discover the amazing world of online business, most often we get super excited about the huge opportunity available to us. For me at least, when I realised I could start a business, it was like I suddenly got answers for everything I was seeking in my life at once: the freedom, the financial opportunity, the ability to make a positive impact on the world.

Once we’ve decided we want to become an entrepreneur, we start to ‘research’. We follow other entrepreneurs, we read blogs (like this one!), we subscribe to magazines like Inc or Entrepreneur. We want to learn everything we can.

But when is research helpful, and when is it actually a hindrance to your progress? 


Drop ‘expert'

Most corporate women think that, to make it in business, they have to be an expert. But what even is an expert? Most Freedom businesses are built upon sharing knowledge somehow. Most often, you can build a business based on your life experience teaching others how you achieved a certain goal or moved past a certain issue - like losing weight, getting over burnout, finding a husband.

Don’t feel you need to take a new degree, or become the top person in the world in your field. Your future clients need you, now. Once you’ve chosen a niche, you can choose to attract people a few steps behind you in your field. That way, your information will always be valuable for them.

Stop learning just for the sake of learning about your craft - more often than not it’s just an insecurity on your part. You likely know enough already to be hugely transformational to someone else’s life, but you need to get out there and offer your services to help them!


Qualifications vs Business 

Developing your skills is a lifelong journey, not a tick in the box before you start. Don’t allow “getting a qualification” to be a procrastination method. It’s all too easy to feel that happy buzz of doing ‘something’ - but it’s not always something that will actually move you forward.

If you choose to do a qualification, you still must work on your business as well during that period. Even if your qualification will take a while, start building your business and your audience from the start. It makes it so much easier to make sales with a bigger, warmer audience you’ve offered lots of free content to while you are still training, than have to start building your audience all over again once you’ve qualified. Even if you are in a structured mentoring programme like my Freedom Business Academy, it will take you at least 6-12 months to get your business fully set up and functioning.

It doesn’t matter how skilled or qualified you are, if you don’t know how to market your business, no one will be able to find you. So focus on honing your business skills as much (or even more than) you perfect your craft. 


Market Research

Market research is a ‘good’ form of research :) Once you’ve niched, it will give you valuable information about your ideal clients, so you can further improve your marketing and build offerings that are bespoke to their needs. Focus on:

  • what pain points they are currently experiencing
  • how this inhibits them
  • what results they want to achieve 
  • why they want to change


Take action

Most important of all is to take action! No more hiding, reading blog posts and articles. I did that for 2 full years when I was still in my corporate job, and I got nowhere. I assimilated a lot of information, but without actually implementing any of it, it was just a huge waste of time.

My shift came when I started buying proper programmes to teach me full strategies; and I hired mentors who could give me feedback and help me work on my mindset so I wasn’t so fearful and hesitant in my business.

It took me two years from deciding that I wanted to quit my job, to actually starting a business. Once I started, attempting to save costs by DIY-inggot me nowhere either - I ended up spending up to $900 a month, only to make $100 or so. But, once I hired a mentor and joined a proper business programme, I replaced my previous within 8 months. By month 18, I had hit six figures of revenue.

Taking action is key.



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