As I’m writing this, I just finished work for today. It’s 3:15 or 3:30 pm here.

In Lebanon, they have a thing called summer work hours which I think is great. Most companies stop working at around 3 pm in summer which I find pretty cool.

So we are doing the same thing at Living Rosy! We’re stopping work at 3 pm every day, and heading off to do different things in the afternoons all throughout summer - seeing our nieces; going out for a late lunch at the Marina, going for a swim. It’s so much fun we’re going to keep it going for the rest of it as well.



I found that I had let my old corporate habits creep in for the last few months. I’d started working 9 to 5 again. My tasks would somehow stretch to fill that time, which is ridiculous.

It’s just a mindset thing, right?

I just I felt I was busy, I felt I had a lot to do, and so I found things to spend my time on.

So today, I am going to lounge beside the pool - it’s one of the benefits of living in a hot country is that you get to actually use the pool. I cannot imagine I could do this in the UK, but it is a nice benefit of being here!



I designed my Freedom Business Academy to be done in five hours a week. So if you give yourself 5 hours, whether it’s 5 single hours, 5-hour chunk whatever you need to do, you will get the work done in that time.

But if you just let it drag on without a deadline, it will drag on into infinity. Give yourself specific times to work on things and you will find it just compresses in the time you need - you will be able to get things done more quickly.

Once you are out of your job and you are able to create a life that you want, then you can do things like come and sit by the pool and do not have to worry about it!

So I'd love to know - what productivity tips do you have, how do you work on your business and have a job at the same time? Leave a comment and let us all know!



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