I talk a lot about how you should bring your personality into your business, but how much of your personal life should you really share? Let’s talk about that!

So we’ve established it’s really important to be authentically you in your business. You want to be transparent and honest. People can normally see through fakes, especially if you’re trying to be someone you’re not. But how much of yourself should you really share?


First up - be you, all the time. Don’t hold back there. If you’re really serious, don’t try to be funny. If you naturally swear a lot, don’t be all prim and proper. If you’re a Lulu Lemon kind of girl, don’t do your branding photoshoot in a ballgown. I know super successful entrepreneurs who never get our of their sports clothes, swear a bit and come on Periscope without make up on! Just be you!


This is where it gets a little more finicky. You don’t want to come across as an omnipotent guru, because it will either seem arrogant or, worse, people will think you achieved what you did because you’re perfect, and therefore they don’t stand a chance. You want to seem human and relatable. And guess what, you are a human so you can be you and all will go well! 

But there’s a flip side to vulnerability where you need to be careful. Remember that people are coming to you for change, and they need to see that you are a few steps ahead of them at least in that area. I cringe a bit when I see “VULNERABLE POST” at the top of comments in Facebook groups, and I shudder when I see people spill their guts out for not apparent reason in a post where they are actually marketing something. 

If you’re in a business niche, let’s say you help people up their instagram presence, you wouldn’t then post “oh no, I haven’t had a like on my posts in a month, I’m so lost!” If you’re a relationship coach, don’t whine about not having a date! 

So, while you don’t need to be perfect, you do need to seem slightly professional! Your people need to trust you.

However, I think it’s great when people post about things going slightly wrong - and how they fixed them. We’re not all perfect, and our Instagrams aren’t a reflection of our lives. I prepped this video in zero make up wearing my mum’s fleece, and there are days when I get stuck firefighting some little annoying issue. But, there are also many more days when I do wander around town at 2pm on a Wednesday and think “this is awesome!” as I capture a picture of my sunny seat at a pavement cafe.


This one is hopefully obvious - while you’ll be building a community of amazing ideal clients, remember that some of your marketing is public. Don’t go posting your address, geo-tagging in your own home, sharing your kids picture and the school they go to etc. You never know who’s watching, so be slightly reserved with your personal information.

Your Family

There’s also a fine line between sharing your daily life and pimping out your family. Many personalities share their kids in their brand. They post photos on their business and snapchat their kids etc. That’s your personal choice - don’t feel you have to.

At the same time, you also should respect your partner and friend’s wishes for their own privacy. If they don’t want to have a big presence in your visual brand, that’s their choice. My partner even works in my business but he still doesn’t want a starring role in all my pictures. I’ve had plenty of family things come up this year that required my time and attention. While I would have loved to explain it all in my emails and posts, there were people who wanted their issues kept private and so I respected that or skirted the issue if I did have to say something publicly. 


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