What’s the one thing I heard over and again in all my market research?

“How on earth do I even get started? Where do I even begin?”

That’s how we think when they’re just starting out a business.  I know I definitely did!



“How on earth do I piece these all together?”

“How on earth do I actually get started?”

“Where do I even begin?”

And it’s so overwhelming because there are so many different pieces of the business like: 

“I have to get a logo.”

“I have to build a website.”

“I have to find clients.” 

“I have to create something for sale.” 

“How do I get a payment?” 

There is so much tech involved, there are so many pieces, so much stuff to think about. 

“Should I be doing blogs?”

“What about Facebook and Instagram?”

You start researching, and reading, and reading, and get completely overwhelmed. Analysis paralysis...



I wanted to start a business from about 2012… but I didn’t actually start my business until 2014 because I was so overwhelmed by everything. If you are reading this, you probably feel the same way as well.

When I was filming some case study videos recently, this came up too: “before I joined the program, it was so confusing to know what on earth to do.”

They started working with me because I offered them this step by step process: you follow along and after module 1, comes module 2, then module 3, and so on. That step-by-step makes it easy. You don’t have to research anymore. You don’t have to waste time. You can do it methodically.

With a structured programme, there’s only one thing that can trip you up. And that’s not following the structure! It’s funny how our minds work. We get everything we need, yet we still try to sabotage our success!

We start asking ourselves about the things we might need to do a year down the line. Or we start worrying about some worst case scenario.

One my clients shared with me that she feels that way. She likes to plan, and be organized, and know what’s happening. It made her feel really good to have all the modules at once because she could look ahead, and realise that the part she was worrying about was coming up later.  She didn't have to worry about that right now; it was coming.

So having that structured system seemed to really help them in terms of getting them pass that overwhelm.



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