Today I want to talk about the one thing that will prevent your business success. Most people will give me lots of reasons why they can't succeed in business...

...they don't have the money

...they don't have the time

...they don't know how to start a business.

But all of these reasons disappear when you fix this One Thing. 


The One Thing stopping you from succeeding

The One Thing stopping you from starting a business is your own mindset. It’s the stories and the beliefs you are telling yourself are true. If you believe you can start your business and be successful, all these issues go away, because you will find what you need to make it a success.

You’ll find the money, or it will come to you.  Money is an unlimited resource. There is always enough money to start your business. You’ll create the time. If you believe in your idea, you will find the time - maybe you stop the overtime, or you don’t see friends during the week, or you work a little later into the evening.

You will find always a way - when you believe you can do it, and when you want to do it. It all comes back to your mindset - my Become Your Own Boss clients will testify to this!


So how do you develop this mindset?


1. Become aware of your stories

You have been told so many stories throughout your life - from “making money is hard work” to “I’m stupid” to “I’m not creative” to “I don’t believe in myself”. These stories could have come through from your childhood, to experiences you had in your earlier life, even from indirect things your parents said that you interpreted the wrong way. There are so many inputs throughout our lives that create this web of subconscious beliefs that run our lives.


2. Change your beliefs

Once you realise what stories are running your life, you have the ability to change them. When you identify that “I’m not able to run a business” is just a story you chose to believe, you can then choose to create another.

You need to consciously tell yourself this other story. Repeat this new story over and over - even if it feels farcical or untrue. This is how you reprogramme your brain.


3. Allow yourself to be led

With the new belief, you will be led to what you need to succeed. When you repeatedly tell yourself your new story, such as “I do have the $1,000 I need to start my business”, or even "How can I find the $1,000 I need to start my business" you will start to notice opportunities that will bring the money: 

  • a cheque in the mail
  • a refund
  • inspiration to have a house sale and get rid of unwanted items cluttering up your home
  • the decision to put your business investment on a credit card with a plan for how and by when you will repay it

But when you insist to yourself that you cannot find the money, you brain will just ignore these opportunities and you won’t even notice them!


How much focus do you put on mindset in your business life? What results have you seen? Leave me a comment and let me know!



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