The other day, I got an email from a lady who said, “I can’t take your programme because I absolutely have no skills and there’s absolutely no way that I can start a business”.

Now, this is obviously not true. I’ve already talked about how everyone has skills in a previous post and everyone has something to share.



The thing is, it wasn’t her lack of skills that was the problem - it was her self-belief. Her self-belief was holding her back. She has skills for sure! I haven’t spoken to her personally, but I can guarantee you that there’s something in her that she can share and monetise, that she can build a business from. Just as there’s something in you, that you can build a business from. It’s guaranteed!

But the issue is, we don’t often see within ourselves what we are actually capable of. We don’t actually notice or see the skills that we have because we don’t believe in ourselves. This is the main thing that will hold you back from success. It’s the one thing that will stop you.

It’s not ever about money. It’s not ever about time. It’s not ever about knowledge or resources or anything else. Not having a team or not having childcare or this or that or any other million reasons we can find to come up with why we can’t start a business.

It’s always about self-belief.



If you have self-belief, if you believe that it will happen and if you decide to make it happen then you’ll find whatever resources you need. That’s not a question. You need to believe in yourself and believe that you will actually follow through.

Another issue with online businesses is that they’re quite far from the average everyday life that we have. It’s a very different style of living and working than the average 9-5 commuter lifestyle.

When you want to make that big change away from something that’s known, away from something that people understand, you can get a lot of pushback within yourself and also from people around you. Neither of you really understand that’s it’s possible, and maybe even don’t believe that it’s possible.

You need to create self-belief within you that’s even stronger than your doubt and even stronger than their doubts. Make it happen. Because if you could find anyone, one person who’s done what you want to do, then that means it’s possible. That means you can do it as well.

There is no way that anyone is more talented or more special or more anything else than you. They’ve may be worked harder, they’ve may be decided something is worth it, they've gone for it. They maybe had more belief in themselves. But all these things - working harder, going for it, believing in yourself - they’re all things that you could do too. They don’t cost money, they don’t take time, but you need to actually choose to do it and do not let anyone tell you “No!”.

It’s so important that you develop this sort of resilience and this independent-mindedness to decide what is that you want. Focus on that thing. Take any tiny little scrap of evidence that is going to work. Do some research and find people who have done actually what you want to do. And then just go for it.

Maybe you are wondering about living the freedom lifestyle, whether it’s possible?

I’m technically at work right now. But I’m in my home. I’m looking over my balcony right now. This is my life, you know, this is what I do. And therefore if I’m doing it, you can do it as well. If my clients are doing it, you can do it as well. If other people you find on Instagram, whoever, are doing it, you can do it as well.

Hold on to that fact and run with that. Whatever hope or whatever faith that you need, just grab it and run with it and just create that self-belief. Even if it feels a bit fake in the beginning - even it feels sort of pushing the boundaries of reality as it was - just run with it, just go for it!

I was talking to one of my Freedom Business Academy clients yesterday in our group. In one of our modules, we talk about creating your vision and imagining what your life is going to be in the future. And she said, “Well, I don’t know what can I imagine because I don’t believe any of it.”



She obviously wants her husband to be happy for her and she wants to be successful, but she was struggling to even imagine it. She wouldn’t even imagine it was possible because she couldn’t even see that in her mind. She was just saying to herself, ”No, not going to happen, not going to happen”.

That kind of attitude is not going to get you anywhere. At least let yourself imagine something. I mean, when you are a kid, you imagine you were a dragon or princess or whatever. So I’m pretty sure you can imagine having an extra $5,000 a month, or working from home, or something that’s really not that far out of reality!

So just start imagining, allow yourself to be that little kid, allow yourself to let just your dreams kind of take shape in your own mind. Because once they’re actually in your own mind, then you can start taking action.

Then you have a direction, something that you want to go for.

Maybe it feels like it’s completely unrealistic that you could run your business from your laptop and travel full time.

Maybe it seems completely unrealistic that one day your husband will actually quit his job too. You think I thought my husband would ever quit his job?! No way, never!

But then, life made its turns and it happened! Anything really is possible. Anything can happen  - but you have to allow yourself to imagine and believe in it enough that you actually take the action to move forward.



There was this lady who was at the Tony Robbins event I went to recently. She was just a regular participant in the crowd; she wasn’t a speaker or anything else. Just a completely normal lady.

She stood up and she explained how she just decided one day that she had to become a world champion triathlete. Why she wanted to become one or what led her to become one, I’m not really sure. She was just a regular lady with a regular job (I think she said her Mum was sick and she is looking after her). And she just made this crazy decision - she wasn’t that athletic. She was in her 30’s, but she just went for it!

She trained every single morning: she would go for a swim in the morning and then she would go running after and then she would work all day and then come home to cycle for 50 miles or something crazy. She just went for it!

Remember that she was completely normal, not an athletic champion. And she didn’t just want to become a triathlete. It wasn’t like participating in one friendly triathlon would achieve her goal. No, she had to become the world champion. And she did it! Which is crazy!

She beat other people, maybe not on her first-time, but she kept trying, she kept going, she kept improving until she did beat professional triathletes who had been training for 20 years.

That story just encapsulates that self-belief of knowing "I’m really going to go for it, I’m really going to do it". You don’t even need to be talented or special; you just need to choose what you want and the just go for it. Just make it happen.



And of course, there will be blocks. There will be things that happen. There will be times that you don’t want to get out of bed.

But if you keep that self-belief of knowing what you want to do, and focusing on your goal, and going for it - that is what going to get you extraordinary results and extraordinary things happening in your life.

Whereas if you say,

“Oh well, I’m just a normal person, I’ll never get out of my job.”
“I’m never going start a business…”
“Nobody’s ever going to listen to me”,

… then that’s where you will stay.

But if you decide,

“No I am gonna do this, I am gonna create the life that I want.”
“I’m not going to accept working 9 to 5 and commuting 2 hours a day.”
“I don’t allow having a boss email me at midnight.”

Once you make the decision, once you start the action, you can achieve the life that you want to achieve. But you have to believe that it is possible and you have to make the decision to go for it.



This attitude of "I can do it, I’m going to make it happen" - that’s what led me to my current freedom lifestyle. I didn’t even have mentors back at the very start! I didn’t even know anything about this online world.

I just decided that I wasn't happy with my job, and I had to find a way out. I had to make it happen.

Step by step I started. I found a book here; someone told me to read a book there. And I baby-stepped my way. Eventually, just by sheer chance, I got on a call with a mentor (I didn’t know she was a mentor, I just thought she was a blogger!).

And through these little steps, I got to what I have now. Nowadays there are so many people talking about online business, and it’s getting bigger and bigger. There are people out there who’ve done these things, who’ve done what you want to do. You can use their stories as your sort of crutch to believe in yourself as well and to go for it.

Just please believe in yourself. It’s so important to believe that you can do this. Even if you almost don't believe that you can, believe that somebody else has done it and therefore you have a chance as well. And take action! Those actions will surprise you how far you can get.

So just use whatever faith, whatever hope you need. Use any evidence - any tiny pieces of evidence you can find  - that your dream is possible.

Then start taking the action. It is the action which makes the dream actually happen.

There’s no luck, there’s no you being “special" or “chosen" or "perfectly talented" or anything like that. Everybody started from zero, so just go for it. Just start taking this baby steps.



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