Your Money Story

What is a money story, and do you have one?

A money story is the amalgamation of everything that you’ve ever been told about money, any little implication that you’ve understood from a body language, or from anything else. All this implied knowledge, this societal conditioning, has created your money story.


How You View Money Affects How You Attract It

So why are they important? The way you view money really changes the way you interact with money, the way you attract money, the way you can really see success in your financial life.

If you see money as evil or difficult or hard to find or the cause of problems – or anything that’s negative – you’ll naturally resist it and push it away. So while you may have been able to get a corporate job and earn some income that way, when you actually have to get out there and ask for sales, really proactively bring money in, you’ll find that your mental stories around money will actually force you to subconsciously resist bringing money in.

You might procrastinate, you might just not market enough, you might not find the right words, there’s all these sorts of things that could go wrong. So it’s really important to get that sorted out very, very quickly, especially if you want to start a business.


Foundations of Our Money Stories

The way that we’re brought up can really impact our relationship with money, like I said. This can be anything from what your parents actually told you, to your wider family’s perception of money, to the institutions in your life like your school or your church or your community or anyone around you. Think how the people that you’ve ever interacted with throughout your life viewed their money and whether they gave you positive examples of a relationship with money, or negative ones. Did they think that money was good or bad? How have you been brought up to view money?

And then, secondly, thinking of you and your own experiences – have you been let down by money? Have you allowed people to manipulate you for money? Do you have any negative connotations with money itself? So think about all the negative experiences you’ve personally had with money as well.

And when you really go back through your history, you’ll start to see loads of trends and links. It could be something that was really outspoken, like your parents saying something like “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “it’s hard to make money.” All these sort of throw away sentences that we say all the time. Or it could be something that was just implied like ‘rich people are evil’ or ‘I can’t be rich.’ Maybe you’ve never had a rich role model, for example, because you were from a community that didn’t have any money.

So there are all of these very judgmental or emotional reactions to money, which can really affect the way that you view it. So have a think yourself around how you view money, how your parents or your family or your wider society has viewed money, and any stories or beliefs that you’ve maybe subconsciously picked up along the way, which could be blocking you now.


You Can Change Your Money Story

The reason we go through our money story is that we have the power to change it. So if you’ve been brought up thinking that people with money are evil, or that it’s hard to make money, money is hard work, money brings unhappiness, then you can actually change that story.

First of all, you don’t even need to become what you would consider rich to have those negative connotations come into play. So let’s say you’ve believed that rich people are evil, just you earning $1000 – even if your corporate salary was $5000 – that could be enough to trigger that belief system.

If you believe that money needs hard work and you start selling online courses where you don’t need to physically show up for each person that buys the course, that could trigger your money story. So the benefit of going through it and understanding how you believe money works, what your relationship is with money, allows you then to really dig into why you believe that, whether that belief is serving you, and maybe change that if you want to.


Thoughts Become Things

It gives you that empowerment - and remember as I always say and as we always say in mindset coaching - “thoughts really do become things.” What you focus on, creates more and multiplies that in your life, so if you are focused on how money is so bad, how money is so evil, how money will bring unhappiness or ill health, or all the rest of it, you’ll be focusing on the negative aspects of money and you will naturally resist bringing more in. I mean, it’s strangely logical in your mind if you actually think about it.

So just remember that you have the control over your beliefs and your thoughts and you can change them at any time.


I would love to know what you are thinking about money. What are your stories? What are your beliefs? And do they still serve you? Leave me a comment in the box below, and I would love to hear from you!



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