How many employers would give you a raise when you swanned around the Mediterranean for 3 weeks? Pretty few I expect. What about when you disappear to the other side of the world for a month, like I did this April?

Here’s the thing: when you run your own business, YOU call the shots. Want to earn more and work less? You can work out a way!

So here is exactly how I pull this off...


Watch your language!

Here’s what I mean… If you come from a place of “that’s impossible”; “I can’t do that” or “I don’t know how”, well, that’s exactly where you’ll stay. Businesses grow and amazing things happen when entrepreneurial minds say the magic words:

“How can I make this happen?"

Your brain is a problem solving machine, spending a load of time every day working out important questions like “which of my shift dresses are ironed already” and “how many burpees do I need to do to warrant that birthday cupcake my colleague brought in today”? 

Your brain is just dying to help you sort out your life problems, so if you offer it a constructive issue to deal with, it will get to whirring in the background coming up with the answer while you get on with your life.

If you approach every ‘problem’ with a can-do, constructive attitude, you’ll be amazed how quickly the solution presents itself.


Automate automate

Technology is there for a reason, so use it! Pre-order your weekly groceries on auto-repeat; sign up for direct debits, or if you are an entrepreneur subscribe to a CRM system that automates your marketing analysis. 

Employers like to give people stuff to do and keep them in the office late. It shows “dedication”, “loyalty” and “drive”. Free yourself from this illogical face time culture and start a business where you can show up in a bikini and flip flops if you feel like it. If someone (or something) can do a task in your business better than you, let them handle it! It doesn’t matter whether that’s outsourcing your email formatting or automatically tracking who’s interested in what content - you don’t have to do everything yourself to see results.


Strategic control

As an employee, we have to take what we’re given. Have you ever had your holidays cancelled because of something ‘urgent’ that came up? As a previously sun-abandoned Scot, trust me, nothing was more urgent than my quarterly vitamin D fix, thank you very much!

As the CEO of your own business, you get total strategic control over the projects you work on. Got a holiday coming up? Push your launch out by a week or so. Know you’ll be travelling longer term, or even having a baby? Set up automated sales funnels to do your marketing for you. You call the shots, so why would you scurry about and put off your own fun?

There’s no reason why travel should interrupt your Freedom Business. Payment plans are great for taking time out. Rather than have to chase sales each month, run a bigger launch and collect multiple clients (and multiple months of income) at once, or have clients sign to pay monthly so you have steady cashflow even if you take a week out. 

As a Freedom Entrepreneur, less is more. We work smarter, not harder. By automating and delegating, you’ll ensure that it’s business as usual even if you’re not at your computer quite so much, or even at all. 



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