“People might question my skills.”

“I might not be good enough…”

“Can I actually make an impact on somebody else?”

“Am I really qualified to do this freedom business?”

“I am afraid people will not find me credible.”

These are just some of the questions that I always get from my clients and community. When starting out in business, these are the common fears that haunt us - and that’s understandable! We worry because we care about building a business that people love and respect.

So today, I’m sharing some simple yet effective ways to get seen online.



Being consistent in your action establishes your reputation and credibility. Even if you do not yet have a strong following, being stable and consistent in spreading your message helps you get the word out. After all, if nobody knows you exist, they won’t be able to work with you!

Any of my Freedom Business Academy members will tell you - there are lots of steps to take to build a business, but once you’re done with the build, you need to rinse and repeat every single month. Keep your ads running, your posts posting, your emails sending on a consistent basis.



Always remember that building your business is a journey. Start building a relationship with your clients - help them see how your work can help them, how you can give a solution to their problems. Run your business by creating a harmonious community with your clients. Being surrounded by people who believe in you and in what you do boosts your confidence.

Momentum builds the more consistently you post, email and network. Even if you don’t see a huge uptick in likes, comments or replies - people are taking notice. Keep being consistent - in your message, in your posting rhythm, and in your brand - and you’ll reach a tipping point where suddenly interested clients start to flow to you.



Recently I was on a call with one of my clients. She was doing everything possible to launch her new offering, but she was getting zero response. As you can imagine, she was pretty frustrated. Her voice cracked a little as she explained all she had been doing (and she’s a model student!). I could feel the desperation mounting as she spun herself in circles, riddled with guilt as to why she wasn’t getting any traction.

It was immediately apparent to me what was going on: she was pushing too hard.

And that’s the key: building a business is not about running yourself ragged. Business success comes from taking just enough of the right kind of strategic action AND keeping yourself in a consistently positive, abundant, confident state of mind.

My client’s desperation was literally blocking her success. My remedy was simple: act as if you are already successful. Luckily, she had taken a day off work the next day anyway, so I asked her - what would you do if you had already quit your day job and were earning $10,000 in your business every month?

She said she’d take the dog on a long walk, answer emails from a cafe and engage with her community. I convinced her to use this day off for an indulgent day of self-care and inspiring business work.

The next morning, she had her first client! This is the power of doing business right: it’s fun, it’s easy and it feels amazing.

There’s no magic pill solution for becoming successful in business - it doesn’t just happen overnight. But after you implement these three steps consistently, you'll get the boost you need to get noticed online.


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