None of us like to take risks. None of us want to risk all our money or make these massive changes that we can’t get back to safety again.

In my journey from going from corporate to being an entrepreneur, I’ve obviously had to make massive changes to my life, doing things which are scary or which you don’t want to do. So how do you do that?



When I was in Australia a few weeks ago, I went to Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny. You probably heard about Tony Robbins - massive motivational speaker. He's very different from a lot other motivational speakers in the sense that he is a very big businessman as well - not everyone knows that he’s actually making around 5 billion dollars a year from his businesses - he has over 30. 

But what really struck me (and I noticed this about him before but I haven’t really thought about it and connected it until that event) was that he actually grew up extremely impoverished. Basically, he was from a single parent family, a few dads coming and going. 

One of the reasons why Tony is so charitable now, in particular, with food banks, is that he didn’t have enough to eat many times. One day, somebody came and gave them this nice basket of food for Thanksgiving and that made him realise that people care and that sort of kickstarted his whole career. 

He really came from a place that was extremely impoverished, extremely restricted, very, very, scary, and small - he lived, I believe, on the east side of Los Angeles, the kind of place where people just don’t get out of that cycle. But somehow he managed to make it all the way to 5 billion dollars a year. 

Now obviously, he will tell you he did all that by changing his mindset and changing everything else. But the point I want to make in the story is he was ABLE to take that massive leap - that massive transition. 

This is because your circumstances in your life that you’re living in right now, they do not actually control what happens in the future. 

You can change your life and you can change what you want to do in your life at any given moment. Nothing - no mistakes that you’ve made, no compromises that you’ve had to make, no income level that you currently have - nothing of what you currently have dictates your future.

You can decide at any moment to start making changes. So it’s not going to be overnight, obviously, you just don’t get to click your fingers and everything is perfect. But you can start that journey and start that process anytime. One of the big things to realise around making a big change is to understand that change CAN happen first and foremost, but also change happens gradually. It happens bit by bit. It happens incrementally but it does happen. So when you build things up over a year - even six months - big, big things can happen. But those small steps every day are what gets you to them.



One of the reasons that people don’t manage to actually get out of their current circumstances is that they don’t realise that what they see isn’t everything. So we go through life and we’re the average of the five people we spend most time with - so if you think about your neighbours, your colleagues, your family, your friends - you’re probably the average career, the average income, just the average everything of everyone you’re spending time with. 

And when you live and you work in a community - like me I used to live in London and living in that corporate cycle - you’re almost like blinkered that that’s your only reality. But the fact is, there are so many other realities out there. These can be good or bad: while you are living your normal corporate 9-5 commuter life. there are millionaires on a yacht; but then there are also people completely impoverished in Africa. But whats important is the understanding that what you’re seeing every day is not the full reality of what’s possible.

If you want to actually change something in your life, if you want to move to a new place or get a new career, or if you want to have a different type of relationship, understand that anything is possible. It is possible to create that for yourself. But it’s easy to feel limited when what you see around you is not what you want. So remember that what is possible can be beyond the bounds of what you’re actually seeing. 

We have this frame of reference which is the people that we meet, the people that we see, the locations that we live in, the type of work everyone else does around us - and that can really limit us to think that that’s all that’s possible for us too.

This is pretty common in the corporate world where almost everyone out there has a 9-5 job; almost everyone out there goes to work and they commute and they take the train or they drive to the office. It’s like work-commute-sleep-work-commute-sleep, spend some time with your kids, and do it all again. 

But it doesn’t have to be like that - it doesn’t have to be that way. But to end it, you have to get out of that frame of reference.



So if you know that what you currently have isn’t fulfilling you, even if you don’t know the answer yet, even if you don’t know exactly how you will make it happen, focus on the fact that you CAN change. Just knowing that is what’s going to keep you going and give you that motivation to actually get out there and do something different with your life - whatever that will be.

Let’s say you want to get out of your 9-5 job, you really want to start your own business, you really want to spend more time with your kids, or you really want to travel more, do more for the community, whatever that means for you - just know from now that it is actually possible to earn an income doing something that you love, AND have more time by creating a business with automated systems. 

It IS possible to change: there’s always a solution. You can always get what you want - it’s just a matter of finding out how to actually do it. But if you don’t have the frame of reference for that, if you’ve never heard of an online business, if you’ve never heard of being able to make full-time money in part time hours, then you’re not going to see that its possible because it’s not within your frame of reference and within your world. 

So if you want to make a change, remember first of all that there is ALWAYS a solution. Because hope is what gives us that drive, gives us that motivation to move forward.

That’s the first thing to remember is that it is possible to change. But you cannot change your life, you cannot change your circumstances unless you change your behavior, unless you change what you do on a day to day basis. 

Nothing is going to change until YOU change - that’s really, really important. It doesn’t matter if you get a pay rise, it doesn’t matter if you find a husband or lose a husband, or whatever it is you want to do, it doesn’t matter if your kids are growing up, none of that external stuff matters. What’s inside you - that internal stuff - that is what’s going to move you forward.

So we talked about Tony Robbins before. Tony Robbins was impoverished and abused as a kid, then he became a billionaire. Now, there aren’t many billionaires - there are only about 2,000 billionaires in the whole world. He really made it to the top. He pushed until he got there. He kept changing until he got there.

You can create the big change in your life that you want to create as well. It might not be to become a billionaire - you’ll know what your own goals are.

But the point of the Tony Robbins story is that you don’t need to wait until your life is perfect - it can be pretty imperfect in fact, even bad. You don’t need to wait for something to get better, you just need to focus on changing your own behaviour, because that’s all you can control.

One of the best ways to do this is to change your frame of reference. Remember you have your community and your colleagues who are showing you their way of living - and you’re the average of all of them.

If you want to get out, the best way to do that is actually to create a new frame of reference - to find new people who are in the world you want to be in. So the Living Rosy Community group on Facebook is a perfect example of what you can do and who you can meet. I’m so glad you found us already - you’re so welcome to join our free community too! 

Meeting these other women in our community is going to remind you that it is possible to run an online business and escape your 9-5 career. We have people in here who have already started their businesses, people who have already become successful, people who have completed their programs, and working full time in their businesses. You’ve got a whole spectrum in here. You have women who you can look up to, and communicate with, or get support from, to remind yourself that this IS possible for you, too - so you get that new frame of reference. 

I’m really passionate about my community because it gives you a group of women who can show you and remind you that your dreams are possible. You that motivation on a day to day basis in order to make your change happen.



The second step to making change happen is to learn from people who’ve gone before you.

Now, depending on who you pick to follow, this can help or it can hinder you. Just because you found someone who is halfway toward what it is that you want, doesn’t mean that it’s the only option out there. Just because they haven’t done what you want to doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Again, it’s remembering that the solution that you want is out there.

To give you an example, when I was in the corporate world, I was working in London and all my friends from the university have gone into their corporate jobs and we were working 12 hours a day in the center of London. Life meant waking up at 6am, taking a Tube, working 12 hours a day, taking a Tube home, going to a pub on a Friday night. That was life, that was everything we knew - we didn’t know anything else. But I wasn’t happy with that. I wanted something new but I didn’t know what that was.

A couple of my friends, they were all men actually, they were very quick to quit the corporate world. They left within a year or two after graduation. I was looking at them and say like, “Wow, they are so brave and this is so crazy what they’re doing” but what they’re doing really scared me. So they were becoming entrepreneurs in a very masculine way, in a very traditional way. They were going out there getting investors to create tech start-ups. 

They were working all hours of the day. Obviously, they weren’t making any money initially so they were living off their parents or living off their savings, and maybe they moved home - either way their lifestyle changed a lot . And that just didn’t sit right with me. I just didn’t want to go and find investors and be beholden to them the whole time. I didn’t want to have tons of employees, I didn’t want to work really hard. I didn’t want to be this massive coder and sit behind a computer all day long either. 

Seeing their experience of entrepreneurship actually put me off the entire idea! I dropped my dreams for around two years actually, until I discovered a different way.

As I said, it’s so important to find people who have done what you want to do - not just to who kind of got halfway there - but people who have achieve the exact outcomes for your life that you want. Because they are going to show you the way for you to achieve it yourself. 

I realised that a tech startup wasn’t going to work for me, but when I discovered online businesses, that then really resonated. So if you are still lost as to HOW to achieve your lifestyle dreams - keep looking. Keep looking until you find the right role models for you.



Once you’ve actually found those people that you can follow, the next step is to try to work out what they’re doing. You have two choices for this….

One choice is you can follow them and you can try to reverse engineer what they are doing. That’s what I did for a long, long time! Right at the beginning of my business, I was following all these blogs, I was googling stuff.

I had a great idea for my business - a mission. Because I had burned out in my corporate job, I had had to take six months off work. And through that period I had to learn more about stress management for my own condition. Fast forward a year from there, and I wanted to help women with their health and get all this information I had out there a bit more. 

The only way I knew to do this was via blogging. So I had this blog and I was posting things, but nothing was really happening very much! 

I was Googling this and DIY-ing that, trying to work out how to grow this thing. I’d get maybe one new like on my blog per week or one new like in my Facebook page. 

I was trying to backtrack and reverse engineer what everyone else is doing. But the issue with that is you can see the front-end of what they’re doing, you can see the public-facing part - like you can see the Facebook Lives, you can see the Facebook posts, you can see the blog posts, but you don’t see all the back-end strategy. And there is so much under there! Basically, it’s like an iceberg. If the top is what you can see, there is so much going on underneath it. So the issue with reverse engineering yourself is you don’t get the whole picture and it can get really confusing. My business wasn’t growing because I wasn’t seeing the full strategy.

So if you want to change something in your life, you got these two choices like I said. So the first choice is the really slow stuff - it’s the small changes. It’s not making a big move, it’s not making a big, big thing. For me, that meant spending an hour reading blog posts, a little dabble here, a little dabble there - not much going on.

When I get started taking traction was when I made a big change in my life. You see, you have to make these BIG changes to enable you to shoot forward. Otherwise, things will go really, really steadily and really, really slowly. 

You need enough force to push you up and out of that slow growth cycle to actually be able to make something big happen. 

If you’re in this small growth cycle, I want you to know it’s not your fault. Often you don’t know what that big move can be. Again, it’s back to that frame of reference - you can only know what you’ve experienced. As they say, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Some big changes can be really risky, like my friends who just quit their jobs on a whim and launch these crazy tech startups. That freaked me out - there was no way I was going to do that! 

So it is important when you’re choosing how to make these big changes that you also understand and manage the risks. You don’t want to be too conservative, but you do need to make these changes in the right way for you.



Back to my example with my business - I realised I wasn’t getting the traction that I needed in my business, because I didn’t know what to DO to succeed. 

At that point, I was working 10 hours a day in my corporate job, an hour of commute at either side as well. I was leaving the house at 7am and getting home at around 7pm. I didn’t have that much time, so I couldn't just read blog post after blog post and hope for a breakthrough. 

I was getting really tired, and I wasn’t seeing my boyfriend very much at that time. I wasn’t seeing my friends. I didn’t feel like I was having much of a life. But there was no way I was going to be quitting my job anytime soon at the level my business was growing - it was making $100 a month if I was lucky.

I realised that I really needed to learn HOW to grow a profitable business. In essence, I realised what I didn’t know - that’s a huge realisation.

When you realise you don’t know something, then you can go and find the answer, you can go and find the resource, you can go and find the person who can help you. 

I’m a big believer that when you make a mental commitment to change, the Universe (or God or Fate or whatever you want to believe in) starts showing up too. When you show up for yourself, you get some help.

Once I realised I needed help, help arrived. A few days later, I opened my emails and I saw I had an email from one lady, offering a free call to talk about your business. I said to myself “Well, the business is not doing well, so why not try the free call?” 

This was a total coincidence -  it was the first time in my life that I opened her emails.

On the call, she totally changed my business - and my life - forever. She introduced me to world of coaching. At the time I was selling ebooks from my blog to make money, and she told me:

“You can sell 1,000 healthy eating ebooks a month and impact people very little. It’s going to take you years to grow your audience enough to do that. Or, you can make the same money selling 3-5 health coaching packages a month and actually impact those 3-5 people way more. And, because you need to make just 3-5 sales, you can do that asap if you want to.” 

Lightbulb moment.



I started researching coaching. I signed up to a certification programme. But that also made me realise that if I can become a coach, there’s probably coaches out there who can help me as well like this lady.

I got signed up into a business training programme to learn how to grow my business.

That’s when I realised this whole iceberg concept - there’s all these stuff going on underneath the surface - that you can’t reverse engineer. I was at around eight months into my business when I first joined that programme. That first business programme for health coaches is what gave me that groundwork to actually learn and start doing and start working out what to do.

Now the scary part: that business programme costs $5,000. That was massive to me! (I’m sure it would be massive to you too!)

I was in my corporate job and I was very lucky that I had a reasonable salary and I had some savings. It wasn’t like it was the last $5,000 on my credit card; but it was a massive, massive, massive deal for me. I’ve never spent that much money on anything! And I was really scared because I also hadn’t even spent more than maybe a $100 maximum for my business in one go before.

It was a big leap, a big change, for me to choose to invest in my business and my education at that level. 

Was this investment that risky for me? It was, obviously, a massive amount of money - it was very scary. But again you got to think about it from your personal point of view. For me, it wasn’t like I wasn’t going to eat the next month - I could make that investment because I had my salary still coming in. But it was also a one-time deal: if the programme didn't work then I wouldn’t have been able to work with another coach.

But once I was on the programme, I was learning what I needed to know. 5 months into the programme I got my first client, so before the end of the programme I got my first client! 8 months after I started that program I was able to replace my salary. That leap of faith got me out of my small cycle of dabbling in my business, and into momentum. 

That strategic groundwork, understanding what is underneath that iceberg, got me to success. In the first 8 months of my business, before investing with a coach, I literally made around $500 tops - less than $100 a month. But 8 months after joining a programme and learning what I needed to learn, I had replaced my salary - and my income has only increased from there!

Making such a scary commitment is you betting on yourself - “Yes, I’m going do this and make this change happen.” 

It took me 9 months to get my money back from the programme. But I know that’s a lot of money as well, so when I shifted from health to business coaching, it was because I realised that the all their stress came from their jobs, so the a best way to remove that stress was to get them out of their jobs. I realised how much I knew already about business (by this point I’d also joined more programmes and advanced level masterminds). I had business knowledge to share, so I made the move to business coaching.



But one thing which I realised very early on is that we need to have this more accessible way to access this knowledge because these business programmes are really, really powerful. I still offer high-end coaching as well, but just to get the knowledge to as many people’s hands as possible is really important to me. That’s why I created the Freedom Business Academy

Because I created a whole portal there and put everything that you need - like step by step to actually build your business - but I am able to offer it at a much, much lower price than those live coaching programmes because I don’t have all the bells and whistles and stuff going on there. I got exactly what you need and not what you don’t.

From a risk perspective: when I started, there wasn’t anyone showing you that you could build your business alongside your job. I actually quit my job too early, just after joining that first programme, because I thought I had to. And I didn’t earn money for the first 5 months! That was really, really scary. I had some savings from when I had been made redundant beforehand and I was watching it chip away and chip away. 

Because of that, it was really important to me to show women how to build their businesses while they still has the security of their pay cheques - because very few people are going to quit their job before they have income from their business! 

You need to have financial stability. You need to know that you’re going to be able to pay rent this month. So what I designed in the Freedom Business Academy is a way for women to be able to build their business alongside their job so you that they can still have that pay cheque  coming every single month - you can build up your business in 3, 6, 9 months - however long you need - and then when you’re ready, when it’s already replacing your salary or you’re earning you the basic minimum you need to survive, then you can quit. You can make that choice to quit from a very safe and very comfortable place - this is something that is very important to me in Freedom Business Academy. First of all is to make it more accessible, second is to make it less risky.

To be able to make big changes, you need to make that leap of faith, at some point you have to stop dabbling and push yourself into the next steps of your life. And I found out the best way to do that is to invest your own money. If I have money on the table, I have to do it. I personally invest for every next level of business that I need to go to. I join a paid mastermind or buy a new programme that will teach me what I need to know.

One of my friends is a relationship coach and she let me into her new course for free just to be kind to me. Now, I know she has tons she can teach me about relationships, but I haven’t opened anything. I haven’t watched one training, or showed up to one call - in six months! All because I haven’t invested money so I’m just not committed. 

So one of the main ways to make yourself commit to making the change you want is to put money down. Now obviously, you don’t want to throw your entire life savings on something and never see the light of day again. So I keep the cost down in the Freedom Business Academy as much as I possibly can, and I also mitigate the risks by keeping you in your job as long as you need so you have that financial stability until your business is able to look after you.

What big commitments will you make to get your business going? Leave me a comment below!



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