Of course, we all want to earn good money from our businesses - but I know I can speak for most of us that we would be horrified to be thought of as ‘salesy' (spell irky)!

However, with the right timing and approach, you can increase your sales without being too pushy. I'm about to share my proven effective strategies on how you can do it.



As an entrepreneur, you can name your price! The price you set for your product sends a message to customers about your worth. A higher price suggests a more premium product. Of course, you also need to back this up - what kind of experience do you want your clients to receive?



What value do you see your clients receiving from your work? How can you quantify the results they receive? Go through all the ways their life is improved by your work, and calculate the total value. I’m pretty sure you’ll be surprised by just how much that is! Set your fees to somewhere between what you currently charge, and the total value. You want it to be a win-win for both parties.



You may also throw in some extras in your packages to up their quality - customers don’t mind paying higher prices when they are getting more value. Consider how fast you can get your clients results; or how much extra support you can give. Can you offer more access to you? Up the price on these more premium packages.



Last of all, go all out get visible. Market consistently: post on social media, email your list consistently, go live on Facebook Live or film videos for YouTube. Get your message out there. Remember that consistent marketing is the key to consistent income.


In all your marketing, let your potential clients know the value of what you are offering them - that you can give a solution to the problem. Be compelling and creative in sending out an effective message that gets to the bottom line of your client’s needs.


What strategies have you implemented to increase your sales? Please share in the comments section below. :)


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