They are not kidding when they say “money is in your list”. Anyone in the online business world can attest to the truth in this statement and I couldn’t agree more. If you’re new to this world, you’re probably thinking, what is this list exactly? Your ‘list’ is your email list - all the people who have subscribed to receive content from you.

In the sales world, a lead is someone who’s taken an interest in your product or service. Responsive, interested email subscribers on your list are most likely to be your next clients - because if you don’t have leads, who are you going to sell your products or services to? And if you don’t have any buyers, how are you going to make your income?

Lead generation is, therefore, how you go out and find interested people who might want to buy from you. In the online world, this whole process can be automated - which means you can literally sell in your sleep. 😃

So why focus on growing your email list to generate leads?



The people who opted-in to receive the information you are offering are your interested subscribers -aka potential customers who gave you the permission to contact them. With an email list, it means these people consented to receive your company’s newsletters, and there’s a high probability that because they subscribed, they will read what you’ve written in your emails. As you grow your list, you can send them emails to market your product or service and keep them continuously interested, which will hopefully lead them to buy your product or your service when they are ready.



Having your email list also means you can always keep your audience updated on your business. Imagine you are launching a new product - it is so much easier to fire off a couple of emails than to build a new audience every time you want to sell.

Your emails should always include a call to action, i.e. a request for them to click a link. You can redirect them back to a relevant page on your website - a blog post, a product offer, or a call to speak with you. Keeping the communication flowing and consistently offering value to your customers means you’re top of mind when they are ready to purchase.



When you keep your subscribers updated about you and your business, you are building a relationship with your potential clients. By sharing your stories and your knowledge, you can be able to gain the trust of your prospects and turn them into fans.

Don’t be afraid to show your personality through your emails. Have fun, be quirky. People receive a lot of emails, so keep them entertained and they’ll always look out for yours!


Lead generation will drive success to your brand - this is like your holy grail in business! The money is in the list - but it’s more than that. Keeping a consistent flow of people coming to your business means more eyes on your offering. But it also allows you to get to know your clients, improve your products, and build a community of people who love what you do and spread the word themselves.



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