Everyone comes into business worried it’s all a huge ticking bomb waiting to explode in their face. It’s amazing how the tiniest little task like posting on Facebook can seem so fraught with potential problems. You can get into a real spin worrying “What will they think”, “What if it gets no response”, “What if I go bankrupt because of this post!!” like that’s going to happen!


Business is a learning curve

There’s a huge learning curve to running a business, make no mistake about that. In my programme Become Your Own Boss we take a full 6 months to set up your business, with new pieces being added every month.

But once you have your systems all set up and your marketing structures in place, it gets a little more ‘rinse and repeat’. You start to know what your people will enjoy hearing about. You find your voice. You get so used to writing emails and posting on Facebook that you can do a month of content in half a day.


Investing is scary

I remember when I first invested in a high end group programme. I’d just started a life coach qualification and I wanted a roadmap for the business piece because I’d been reading about it for so long I was totally overwhelmed with information! I paid $5,000 for a programme that was marketed to allow me to create a $5,000 a month business in 6 months. That first $5,000 investment seemed like a colossal amount of money and a huge risk to my finances (even though I’d been saving for ages and had lots more than that).


It gets easier

Five months into that programme, I was in a much better place in my business, and I knew it was time to up level. I knew how to get a couple of 1:1 coaching clients per month, but I wanted to have bigger impact than that. So I signed up for a year long advanced programme that was $15,000! I hadn’t mastered my £5,000 per month at that point, but I had developed so much confidence that I knew it was coming. That bigger programme stretched me so far in a year, it was the most transformational year of my life. I went from not even having my first paying client in the January, to being mid-launch of my second round of a group programme with a £20,000 month that December.

My capacity to risk and invest had changed dramatically in just five months. I could now see and experience the benefits of receiving mentoring, and I knew what I need to improve to create the business I wanted. 

Along the way in that year I had my first passive income, my first £5,000 month, my first refund request, my first professional video series, my first Facebook ads - every milestone was hit that year. And when I hit them, I grew. Nowadays I handle my business with so much more confidence than I could have handled in the beginning. And that’s because the process of starting and running a business grows you. You learn and develop.

So if you think it’s all too much for you now, remember that you will grow so much along the way. When you get hit with something, you’ll be ready for it.

You can do it!


What are you afraid of in starting your own business?


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