When I was stuck in my day job trying to work out how to make my freedom dream happen, I  read the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. It’s about starting an e-commerce online business.

I really wanted to find a business idea I believed in so I wouldn't have to stay in the corporate world any longer.

I wanted to be able to have my own schedule, to work from cafes and hotels, and just live life on my own terms.

My business idea at the time was to create a green smoothie powder, but I was afraid to start working on it.

I actually bought the ingredients to test out, but I never opened them once they arrived. I completely self-sabotaged my entire business dream due to fear.


My fear was paralysing

I was stuck, and it meant I wasn’t able to move toward quitting my job let alone create a freedom lifestyle.

Was I right to be scared? You bet I was.

I had always thought that starting a business was expensive. You had to manufacture your product – in my case, this green smoothie powder.

How would I get approval? How would I ship it? It all cost tons of money and seemed really complicated.

Also, I’d need to get an office or a shop and maybe funding from investors.

I was trying to do the maths - how many smoothie powders would I need to sell to make an income?

How would I get the product onto shelves?

How would I market it? I had no idea about marketing!

It was all so complicated, costly and so scary. I really had no idea what to do, so I panicked.

What if the business failed? What if it all fell through? I didn’t want to be bankrupt before the age of 30!

Do you feel the same overwhelm when you think about becoming your own boss?


How I got past my fear

A year later, I discovered information businesses, which is so much easier and cheaper to run.

But even then, fear struck again, despite the fact that I saw a huge opportunity in these businesses.

The thing was, I doubted my own abilities because I did not have any qualifications. I thought I was just a normal person with nothing to share

One day, as I was scrolling through social media looking for health food recipes, I stumbled on a girl’s profile. Jana Katharina is a German girl from a small town in Germany. She had lost quite a bit of weight through clean eating.

I went through her profile. She had tens of thousands of followers and she was also selling an e-book. By the looks of it, she was a clean eating superstar.

But as I looked at her profile description I also noticed something crazy.

She was 16 years old!!

She wasn't a celebrity chef! She wasn't a published author! She was just a kid in high school!!

I realised that if this 16-year-old, I repeat, 16-year-old is selling an ebook, then anybody can do it!

Suddenly it was like a lightbulb went off inside me.

Seeing Jana going for it at 16 years old finally gave me the confidence to take action and start my business.

It was now crystal clear to me that I just had to believe in myself enough to start.


But there was still a problem...

I was worried about being qualified enough to help people. But then Jana helped me to see that you don't need to be an expert.

Think about it – who would you hire if you wanted to learn to sing? Would it be Adele? I doubt it!

Or if you wanted to play tennis – would you hire Serena Williams? Of course not!

Your local singing or tennis teacher would be perfectly well suited to help you master the basics because they are a few steps ahead of you.

We all have knowledge we can share. Or, at least, we can acquire knowledge and share that.

When I started, I even took a nutrition qualification because I felt I had to. However, it ended up being a waste of money because I realised when I was in a class that I knew most of it already from my own research!

That’s when I realised that the secret to making my freedom dream happen was to START! To take action!

I ended up getting so frustrated about not starting my business that I decided to just burst through my fears about not being good enough to start a business.


I took action

I decided to start my blog and write an ebook. Soon enough, I was on the path to quitting my job.

I just took action! I just started!

That blog turned into health coaching, which then turned into business mentoring later on.

It kickstarted my journey to become the business owner I am now. I've run my business full time for 3 years now and I earn more than I did when I was in corporate. Most importantly, I LOVE my life!

I managed to build my confidence over time. I’ve also been able to stop worrying about being qualified because through taking action and just getting started, I got feedback from my clients on how much I am helping them.

Because I took that leap out of my comfort zone and started my business, I’m now able to transform my clients’ lives, too. At the end of the day, that’s why I run my business.

So what have you been putting off? What do you need to just start? Leave a comment and let me know!



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