What’s the key to a successful business? Influence. As they say, your money is in your list. If you can’t grow a tribe of interested followers, you won’t have many paying clients! When you learn how to develop influence in your industry, your business will start flying.

Here’s how to do it...


Get known for one thing

First up - make a name for yourself by becoming a specialist. It’s so important to get known for one thing - to niche your business down. You could be the health coach for working mothers of newborns, or the business consultant for yoga teachers who specialises teaching them how to run retreats. The point is - make sure you have a specialty. 

Having a specialty gives you a hook. You become the go-to person for just that. It means you attract clients more easily, since they know exactly how you can help them; but it also means you attract your peers too because they know how you can help their audiences. 


Join a mastermind

Wish you had a community of awesome entrepreneur girlfriends just like all the experts online? Rather than taking years to build up connections, join a ready-made community!  Masterminds are amazing for bringing you into contact with likeminded people. Together you can brainstorm ideas for your businesses, hold each other accountable to your big dreams, and get the answers you will be stuck for when you try to do it alone.

Remember, you become the average of the five people you spend most time with, so it’s your priority to seek out likeminded people who will lift you up to your highest potential. It normally costs money to join a mastermind, but it’s worth every penny. For example, I spent $7,500 this year just to sign up as an alumna of a programme I was in last year. Even though the content would be the same, that $7,500 was worth it to remain in community with go-getter entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking to start an online business, my own programme Become Your Own Boss is perfect for you. You get all the learning you need to build your business, but you also get to join the Become Your Own Boss Private Community and mastermind with all the programme participants - a wonderful community of women all working on their freedom businesses.


Pitch yourself

My third secret is really simple. Embarrassingly simple, in fact! If you want to get on TV, get noticed by Oprah, or be interviewed by your favourite celebrity online, here’s exactly what you have to do..

ONE: Pitch yourself!! You don’t get plucked out of nothingness and galloped on a white horse to your fame and fortune. You just have to stick up your hand. So make a big list of all the publications you want to be featured in, and send them a pitch.

TWO: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. It’s normal not to be noticed the first try or two. Tweak your pitch and try again. Keep going until you make it!


Take them on a journey

I’ve kept the best for last. If you want to get noticed in your business, you need more than a fly-by visit from your ideal clients. You need to catch their attention, and begin a conversation. When your ideal clients give you their email address, that allows you to start a dialogue. 

Instead, take them on a journey, allowing them to get to know you and your work before you discuss any paid offering.  Take them through a set of steps to introduce them to your business, share what you do and give them a flavour of working with you. 


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