Lead generation is one of the basics of marketing, and it’s one of the most exciting parts, too! In online business, it couldn't be more accurate when they say, “The money is in your list.” If you don’t have a list of your prospective clients, how can you get a sale? And if you cannot get a sale, how are you going to get your income?

So today, I’m sharing 5 places for you to generate leads for your new business.



The first place you might want to look for leads is social media, particularly Facebook. Why? Almost everybody is on Facebook. Facebook makes it easy for companies to be very visible to their target audience through paid advertisements. What’s great about Facebook ads is the targeting you can do: you can choose the demographics of your audience, their location, interests, even jobs and buying habits. By filtering the audience for your ads, you can then niche down to focus only on ideal potential clients.



To date, Pinterest now has about 150 million active users. That’s a big pool of potential leads! Remember that Pinterest users love engaging and high-quality content with great visuals. You want to make beautiful pins which people will click and repin to their boards. By clicking on your pin, your potential client will be sent through to your website.

Usually, you create a pin for a blog post. Blogging will help you build rapport with your target audience because you can share your knowledge and personality in each post. By sharing with them what you know, you create authority in your niche and they will likely want to know more about your work. For this to generate leads, you’ll need to have a way for them to subscribe to your list. You can offer notification of future blog updates or a piece of extra free content like an ebook or webinar. website.

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Networking online in groups and forums

Another way to market your business online is by joining online groups and forums. There are a great number of women’s entrepreneurial Facebook groups left, right and center nowadays. Search for key terms related to what you want to do or who you want to get to know: “female”, “entrepreneur”, “Etsy”, “coaching”, etc.

This is where you can get to know and engage with like-minded people. When we’re just starting our in business it can feel really lonely. By joining these groups online, I suddenly realised just how many people shared the same dreams and goals as I did. It’s a great avenue to meet friends, mentors, and also potential clients!

It’s important to go into these groups with the purpose of community, not self-promotion. Nobody wants to be plastered with your offer 5 seconds after you join - they want to get to know you. So get involved - introduce yourself and ask honest questions. Go through recent posts, or search for keywords relevant to your expertise and answer others’ questions too. As you build relationships and authority, other members will start to seek you out for advice.

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Networking offline at MeetUps and events

You can also get leads offline during events and summits. It’s a smart place to get your leads because there’s a big chance that the attendees of these events share the same interest as you do, but some may be a few steps behind you in knowledge and experience.

Go to events and strike a conversation with lots of people. Again, don’t go in with the intention of making a sale, but instead of building a connection. Offer to help - connect people who could collaborate, give some friendly advice and get to know the other people there. Share contact details and follow up after the event too.


Joint ventures

Another way of creating leads is collaborating with other businesses. For example, if you are a nutrition coach, you can partner with a gym and cross-promote each other. This way, you are also getting the attention of their audience which broadens your umbrella of potential clients.

Make a list of potential businesses to collaborate with and reach out to each with a personalised message. Depending on your products or services, you may wish to profit share through affiliating for each other, which means you create a special link to your product page that identifies them as your source of the sale, and then any sales which come through that link require you to pay them the previously agreed amount.


Remember - consistent income comes from consistent marketing. Keep your business growing by continually adding to your list.


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