Finding a Freedom Business Idea

I get asked this question all the time, and it’s a huge block for so many of my readers.

What do you think that question is? I’ll tell you: choosing your business idea!

We freak out about it!

In fact, I make this an entire module of my courses because it is quite chunky, and there is quit a bit to think about. However, it doesn’t have to be impossible – not at all! We really make this into a big deal, and I wish we wouldn’t because there are so many quick routes.

Most of the drama, most of the resistance is actually our internal fears around our ‘enough-ness’, our personal neuroses – rather than it being a problem of you being qualified or you having an original idea.

So let’s go into how we can find a really easy business idea.


Focus on a Problem

First up, it’s super important – I’d say it’s the most part: focus on a problem. The point of entrepreneurship, the point of running a business, is that you solve a problem for a certain group of people. So there might be something you’ve gone through yourself, there might be something that you’ve experienced, or maybe something that you’re seeing is not done very well or doesn’t appeal to you in the marketplace that you think you could do better.

Maybe you want to do health coaching that’s really focused on busy women because you see that most of the options out there take up too much time and just aren’t practical. Or maybe you want to teach leadership, but rather than it being this boring, stuffy, alpha-male form of leadership, you want to do leadership through yoga, for example.

So whatever it is, work out how your skill set could solve that problem. It doesn’t have to come from a specific qualification, think of your life experience, your professional skills, your emotional IQ, your soft skill set, your passions – how could they interlink and how could you create something which would be really, really helpful to the world?


Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

So the second thing to think about is that you really don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This is super key as well. If you have a business, it does not have to be totally unique. Your idea can have done before: there can be more than one health coach in the world; there can be more than one sales consultant; there can be more than one interior designer. I’m pretty sure you probably know of more than one already anyway.

I truly do not believe in competition, I just don’t see it happening in my world. There are so many people online, the online marketplace is so vast, you are guaranteed to find people who want your work because you are running it, because of what you bring to the table – even if the service that you’re offering is offered by others, you can put your own spin on it.

So if you think about the fact that there are three billion people online, three thousand million people, and if you follow my premium product model at least, you’ll need to find a little bit less than 50 people to work with per year. How could you possibly not find people to work with? That’s four people a month; you could literally find them on your bus in the morning. How is it not possible? That’s one person a week!

So get it out of your mind that the market is saturated; get it out of your mind that there’s competition; get it out of your mind that you’re not original. It doesn’t matter because you’re going to bring things to the table in a unique way that certain people will be attracted to and others won’t be. But that’s absolutely fine because we’re only looking for four people a month.


Popular Freedom Business Ideas

So here are a few really popular business niches that I’m sure you will have the skill set for in some shape or form for at least one of these. And they likely won’t require a formal qualification either – unless you choose to do one, and unless you really want to have it. So what are these really popular niches?


First up is the health niche, and this is pretty broad: it’s everything from nutrition to yoga to mindfulness to meditation to personal training to stress management. Yes, you can go down the qualification track if you want to: you can become a nutritionist, you can study for five years, you can do other courses that are shorter or longer, or more focused on the holistic or not – there’s so many options out there.

But, probably you have a really important skill set as well. Maybe you’ve learned how to cope with stress, and you haven’t got a piece of paper on that because there probably isn’t a degree on that, but you could put together some exercises and a programme for your clients to follow that would help them.

This is how I started my online business in the first place. I had a history of being in the corporate world; I had burned out; I had really let my health get the best of me, and I was properly sick. I developed a chronic disease, and in my healing period, I discovered ways to live an extremely healthy lifestyle, but actually live a normal lifestyle as well. So I learned to not take too much time, not allow this lifestyle to take over your actual normal life. So that’s what I started teaching people, and that got Living Rosy started in the beginning.



A business niche could be in the realm of spirituality: law of attraction, certain religions, manifesting, helping people to find themselves, astrology, chakras, the whole gamut.

There are so many different forms of spirituality out there, and that’s a huge, huge business as well. I know plenty of people who speak to healers for helping them make money, or for better health, or people who want to tap into their intuition, or who want to manifest their dream man. There are so many uses for spirituality, so if that’s your thing, there could be something in there for you as well.


Personal coaching

Personal stuff: confidence, success, leadership, finding your purpose, lifestyle, self-love, self-worth – this is a huge, huge area for coaching. Much, much needed, as I’m sure many of you can understand, having seen your friends and your family potentially suffering from any of these problems. There’s so much you can work with in that sphere as well, in the more life-coaching, personal sphere.


Business & Wealth

And then, finally, business and making money – again, a huge industry and a huge area. And that can be everything from the more technical side of how to run sales, how to run marketing, how to do a specific business model, to things like branding, how to network properly, how to create a massive income, technical skills such as website coding. There are so many options there.


Your Current Industry

And then, of course, there are other niches where you likely need a qualification, but it’s possible you already have it. For example, if you’re a lawyer or an accountant, you could change the niche you work with. So rather than working for a big, corporate law firm, you could actually choose to only work with female online entrepreneurs who are really fun, female coaches, or female spiritual practitioners, or whoever interests you, and bring your legal expertise to them – or your accounting expertise, for example. You could become a personal stylist, or a photographer, you could take your interior design and create your own business out of that and niche that down.


Bring Your Personality

And the benefit of this is that you can really bring your own personality into your work. So if you think about, for example, I know of a corporate lawyer, Gena Jaffe, and she brands herself as the sparkly lawyer extraordinaire. So she was in corporate law, she’s probably my age, she’s really young and fun and vibrant, so she created this pink unicorn, sparkly glitter law brand, and she’s rocking it out there.

Similarly, you have somebody like Rosie Slosek who is an accountancy coach for freelancers who love cake. Because she loves cake, so she brought into her business. Why not? So there’s so many things you can do with your brand, with the way you work with people, choosing the way you work with them – that you could even use your own skill set as it is and create a brand that’s much more you and much more fun.


I’ve given you tons and tons of ideas there: I’m sure that’s something you can start thinking about and delving into. Like I said, the actual business ideas, the actual service that you offer, does not have to be totally original. Once you’ve got that idea, then you can start personalising it, making it more you, making it more unique and really niching down. And that’s where, obviously, we have an entire month’s work to do in any of my programmes.

So what business ideas have you come across in this blog? And what has inspired you? I’d love to know, so let me know in the comments and I’ll speak to you very soon!


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