Today we’re talking downtime - how can you take time off when you’re self employed?

A lot of entrepreneurs get caught up in working and become terribly afraid to let go of their business because “there’s no one else there to run it”. That’s actually a really bad attitude to have, and will hurt your business in the long run.

Your Most Valuable Asset

When you run a business, you are it’s life force. A business without a CEO doesn’t get very far. Especially when you run an information business, you are the business - it’s your thoughts and ideas that you monetise. Think of your assets - your home, your car, maybe a nice watch. Do you neglect them and let them rust or fall into disrepair? Of course not! So why would you not look after yourself first and foremost since you are your business’ most valuable asset?

Taking time out does wonders to rest your brain. Even working not that hard in a Freedom Business, you still need a pattern interrupt now and again to ensure you stay fresh and inspired. This is one reason I love to travel - seeing new places, trying new food, experiencing new cultures keeps me inspired and interested. Even a spa day will do wonders for you!

Mindset & Inspiration

There’s a more business focused reason to take time out too - staying in the same-old same old routine will get you the same old results. When you stay in a positive, energised frame of mind, you’ll be inspired. You’ll have better ideas. Maybe a 6-figure product idea, or the inspiration for a new programme. Taking time out literally resets your brain to help you see new ideas and take action on them.

From a metaphysical perspective, I teach all my clients that we can only receive when we are in a fit state to do so. If you feel maxed out, that energy will come across in your marketing. That’s when you’ll see your sales dry up. Often something as simple as taking the day off, going for a massage or taking a holiday will literally ‘turn on the taps’ again.

Prepping Time Out of Your Business

Your business will survive a day or so without you - if you ever have a personal emergency, you can always step away at a moment’s notice. However, it’s better not to let it get to that stage. I schedule in regular break times and holidays in my business to ensure I never get overwhelmed.

First up, I batch write my marketing content so I always have a month or so on hand. If I’m going away, I pre-schedule everything so there are no nasty surprises on the trip and no wifi emergencies.

Secondly, I outsource plenty of my business processes to my tech team. Whenever I travel I have tech support on hand in case something breaks - I’ve had my whole website go down as I landed in Florence for a conference once - one email to my team got them on it and it was fixed the same day.

Virtual assistants are easy to hire and can cost anything from $5 per hour to around $50 - having one a few hours a week can take a lot of the grunt work of your business off your shoulders so you can take more time out. As my mentor says: "To have it all, you can’t do it all!"

What can you do to take time out this week? 

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