I get asked this question a lot: how can someone seem credible when they are brand new to business?

It’s a very logical question, and it comes from the best of intentions: my people don’t want to be fraudulent or rip anyone off. When they are moving to a totally new industry, it can seem daunting to come across as an authority.

But, this fear of not being "credible" is more a reflection of your own insecurity, not your actual ability as an entrepreneur.

Here's how to see your own credibility:


Drop the word “expert” from your vocabulary

Here’s a big secret: your don’t need to be an “expert” to get clients, make money OR have a positive impact in the world.

Most corporate women think that, to make it in business, they have to be an expert. But what even is an expert? Most Freedom businesses are built upon sharing knowledge somehow. Most often, you can build a business based on your life experience teaching others how you achieved a certain goal or moved past a certain issue - like losing weight, getting over burnout, finding a husband.

Experts all had to start somewhere. They weren’t born with all their knowledge. They got going with what they knew, and they built their craft along the way.

Remember that in business, you get to choose your clients. In fact, niching - being super targeted in who you focus on - should be your number one priority. So focus on the people a few steps behind you in whatever you want to teach, coach or mentor in.


Focus on the value you provide

Get super clear on exactly HOW you help your clients. what are ALL the benefits and results of working with you?

For example, if you want to teach someone French for a holiday, that’s nice, but it’s not life changing. But if can get a promotion for their job, if they become fluent in French and can work with French clients - that could be huge for them.  If your French course helps your client get a promotion and earn $5,000 more per year - that’s super valuable! Plus they get to work from Paris and eat baguette and macarons a few times a year! Amazing! What would that be worth if they had to pay for their trips themselves? Maybe another $5,000? That’s $10,000 of value total.

If you want to help someone overcome their fear of public speaking, one coaching session isn’t going to cut it. But a 12 week intensive coaching programme could help them build their confidence to get on stage. If you help an author overcome their fear of public speaking, and they can start doing book tours - how much more could they earn? Maybe another $20,000 a year? And if they have more confidence to approach women and find a partner they love - that’s priceless!

Can you see how amazingly valuable your work - your skills that you take for granted, like speaking French or having confidence - can be for the right clients? Not just from a monetary perspective, but how it can help them in their personal lives too?

I see this with my clients all the time too - they come to me to build a business, and it’s so great when they start getting clients and making money! But they also become so much more confident through the mindset work I do with them, they set better boundaries with others, they speak to themselves more lovingly - and they create freedom lifestyles too!


Don’t worry about being ‘famous'

Finally, a lot of people worry about not having a big brand. They think they need a fancy logo, or a slick website, or thousands of followers to look ‘credible’.

But ‘looking’ credible is exactly that - it’s superficial. It doesn't mean anything about your actual capabilities.

If you’re working with clients 1:1, you only need to find 2,3,4 clients a month to replace your corporate salary. At it’s most pure, that’s literally just 4 conversations with the right people.

Now, it’s unlikely you’ll speak to the exact perfect clients every time - on average, about 1% of your audience will buy from you. So if you want 2 sales, talk to 200 people a month - that’s less than 7 people a day!

See how simple this can be? You don’t need thousands of raving fans when you structure your business in the right way.



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