What’s your most powerful marketing asset? You are. 

You see, people don’t connect with a name, or a logo, or a colour palette. They connect with a person. Even big companies create successful brands when they attach the brand to a human identity or personality - like hiring a celebrity or sharing results from their clients.

As an information-based business owner, you are your brand. When you can share your personality, your brand becomes relatable. People form a connection with people. As humans, we are programmed to want to connect with others. When your audience sees there is a person behind the brand, they start to form an attachment.

So how can you share yourself in your brand?


1. Share your picture

People want to know who is behind the Facebook post or motivational quote! Share your picture everywhere - behind the scenes selfies on Instagram, all over your website, on your opt in pages and in your blog posts. Make people know there is a real human writing what they are reading. It will increase engagement in your message.


2. Be Vulnerable

Be a human being. Humans make mistakes, they mess up. They don’t have perfect lives. Share how normal you really are - don’t be afraid to be a little messy in your marketing sometimes. Share stories of how you overcame issues, or what you are struggling with. Have some fun with your life - if your baby throws up on you before a client meeting, post a quick selfie and have a laugh at yourself.

Be warned though - vulnerability is a double-edged sword. Don’t be a complete mess all over the place, or you will lose the trust of your audience, who want to respect you. If you are having struggles in the area you offer help in, be careful what and how you share. For example, if you are a weight loss coach, don’t consistently post about how you are uncontrollably binging on ice cream every day.


3. Share Your Story

Your story is your most powerful asset. People love stories - before reading and writing were common, knowledge and was passed on through folklore - it’s in our blood to want to listen to others’ tales. Normally you start an information based business after some kind of personal experience - mine was my burnout in the corporate world.

Yours might have be getting past a break up, or struggling to lose weight. Whatever happened - share it. Not only will it help your audience get to know you more personally, it will also inspire others in your shoes. And that’s what our businesses are all about.


What can you do to bring your personality to your brand? Leave a comment and let me know! 


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