Today we’re talking about the unlimited benefits of  Freedom Businesses - not only do they help you, they help everyone else you touch too! It’s the ultimate win-win.



First up, the most important people - your clients! They’re the ones bankrolling this whole project. Before you get into any self-flagellating guilt around “taking people’s money” - remember this:

Your clients have a problem, and it’s a problem you can solve. Whether you are a weight loss coach and they want to lose weight; or you are a branding photographer and they need photos for their website; or they’re struggling with their sales in their business and you can teach them sales skills - they need your help.

When you agree to work together, it’s a win-win situation for all involved. You charge a fee that reflects your worth; and your client gets to learn or discover what they need to improve their situation. Priced properly, your fee will only be a small proportion of the value the client receives - even if you are charging thousands



Second up on the list of people helped with your Freedom Business: family. Where do I even begin with this one? How great would it be to spend your commute time with your kids; or see your family in the afternoons; or be able to “retire” your partner because your business is making both of your previous salaries combined? How about being able to travel - and pay for it - whenever you want; to be able to fund a sabbatical around the world for your husband; or to take the kids anywhere they want multiple times a year. 

Not to mention, you will be far less stressed when you live your life according to a schedule you choose; when you can outsource work you don’t enjoy, both at home and in your business. Having a Freedom Business means lots more quality time with the people you love.


Friends and colleagues

Next up: your friends and work colleagues. I can’t tell you the number of distant connections to my husband I’ve met at weddings and big gatherings who’ve marched up to me and said “Ah, YOU’RE the Living Rosy girl! I read all your stuff!” - and I’ve never even met them before!

We’ve seen a big exodus of our friends and former colleagues from London this year. Rather than settling in suburbia and dealing with the two hour commute, they’re packing in their corporate jobs completely - starting businesses online and moving to cities they REALLY want to be in across Europe, like Milan or Stockholm.

You never know who you inspire when you live your truth. It might give someone else the ‘permission’ they need to make their own leap of faith too.



Even your wider community can benefit from you having  a Freedom Business - how much more active could you be in your area when you aren’t wasting 60, 80, 100 hours a week making enough money to pay your bills? When you run a Freedom Business, you have more time and likely more money to be of service in your community and abroad.

Even in your business community can benefit: by having the guts to stand up and tell the world your message and what you know, your content can help others even when they don’t buy your products. I get emails from people across the world - Ghana, Pakistan, India - who have somehow found my work and enjoy all my free content.


Business Peers

Finally, it’s not only our own friends and community who benefit - our “competitors” do too. I am adamant that I don’t believe in competition - I much prefer to build mutually beneficial relationships and true friendships with the other entrepreneurs in my space. I enjoy investing in large group programmes for the community aspect - I’ve met many of my closest friends in these programmes. We go on working dates together, mastermind together, help each other solve business-related issues, and also promote each others’ businesses.

Having a network of  likeminded people around you is so important. That’s why I make community such a large component of my main programme Become Your Own Boss.

How would your life improve with a Freedom Business?  Leave a comment and let me know!



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