When I was a stuck in my day job trying to find time to start my business, I really wanted to start my business so I wouldn't have to stay in the corporate world any longer. I was fed up of waking up, looking in the mirror and dreading the day ahead.

I wanted to be able to have my own schedule, to work from cafes and hotels, and live life on my own terms. I could see all these other women succeeding online, travelling and having so much fun. I wanted that too!


I struggled to find time

I struggled so much to actually work on my business alongside my job. I was working about 60 hours a week including my commute, which meant I had roughly 1-2 hours a day to dedicate to my business if I wanted to, along with potentially half a day on Saturday because I needed Sunday to rest.

But even though I had 10-15 hours per week free, I‘d come from work totally drained. I just wanted to curl up and watch TV at the end of the day and not work on my business. You know how that feels, right?

And given that I did not know what step to take next, I was really afraid to waste any of this ‘free time’ doing something that would not help me build my business.

I felt so hopeless – on one hand, I hated my job and wanted to be free; but on the other, the uncertainty and lack of knowledge around building a business were stopping me from finding the time to work on the business that would give me freedom.

I realised that if something didn’t change, I’d be stuck in my job for the next 40 years.

That was too much for me!


I thought I found a solution

So when I discovered business mentors, I realised they could help me to avoid all the newbie mistakes and focus on the essentials and avoid all the research and useless tasks.

I understood that a business programme could show me exactly HOW to make my business a success.

I finally had the roadmap I needed to make my business a success and it now became crystal clear to me HOW to make this dream a reality.

Suddenly I could SEE the path to my desire: to quit my job and be free and I started dedicating some of the time in the week to implement what I was learning.


But there was still a problem...

Every business mentor out there didn’t realise how much time a full-time job takes up. To be able to follow that programme, I had to dedicate all my time to it.

I couldn’t do it alongside my job so I had to quit my job way too early. I had to take a huge leap of faith before my business was even close to making money.

It was SO scary to cut off my only income source, with no way of knowing for sure that my business would work.

Even more annoying – looking back as I built my business, I realised that there was plenty of information in that programme that could be cut out – it was not essential to get results in your business.

For someone who doesn’t have much time to spend on building their business, when you're building a business alongside your job, every minute counts, right?

I got really frustrated because I had had to take such a huge risk AND it wasn’t even necessary to do so!


I created a better way

That when I decided I wanted to help other women quit their job and become their own boss – but without taking the huge risks I had taken.

I decided to create a system specifically designed to help them build the business alongside their job.

Through 3 years of learning, implementing and over $100,000 of investments in various mentors and programs, I designed a step-by-step program that allows any woman to start her own business alongside her job in just 5 hours a week.

I called it Freedom Business Academy.

Not only did the Freedom Business Academy only require 5 hours a week to learn and implement, it would also allow all these women to AVOID the risk I took of quitting my job and actually WAIT for their business to take off before quitting their job and losing their salary.

By following the strategies in Freedom Business Academy, I was able to replace my salary and live my ideal lifestyle, which for me involved lots of travel! But also I’ve stopped worrying about not having enough time or energy because I can now sleep enough and take time off every single day to enjoy life!

Most importantly, all of this means I’m now able to transform my clients' lives too.

Everyone can find 5 hours a week – divide 5 hours by 7 days and it’s actually less than an hour a day!


How to find time to start your business

I’ve helped nearly 100 women start their online business alongside their job in the past few years - here’s how they find the time.

Firstly, you fill up your schedule with the priorities: Sleep, Work, Commute.

Then you add in your next priority: Business Work. There are so many ways to carve out this time:

  • You could do an hour every morning before work.
  • You could spend an hour in the evening on your business.
  • You can take a 5-hour chunk on the weekend if you want instead
  • You could even use your lunch break or your commute

Some people find it hard to get a rhythm in the week, and that’s ok. You could smash through the business work on a Saturday morning and then have the rest of the weekend to chill out.

There are so many ways to find 5 hours a week and start your business!

Now you may be worried about keeping this up, right? Don’t be. On average, it takes 6 months to fully set up your business at this 5 hour a week pace.

But you get to decide: you can work faster and build your business in fewer months, or you can just do what you can and take longer to complete it if you need to. As with anything, you get out what you put in.


Time is not the problem

Now that I look back, I realise that my real problem was not having time. As you have seen, even in a demanding job, we ALL have at least 5 hours a week.

The real problem is not knowing WHAT to do to get your business set up in those precious 5 hours a week.

The thing is, when you waste money, most of the time you can end up getting the money back. But when you waste time you NEVER get it back right?

You might be worried about getting overwhelmed by setting up your business. You’re thinking of a business as a really complex thing, like a tech start-up would be, for example. Maybe you think you’re all alone in this new venture.

But in fact, you have a mentor's help! My 5 hour a week process will show you how to build your business step by step.

I like to compare what a mentor does to a GPS when we are in a foreign country and have no clue how to get somewhere. With the GPS you don't waste time, you don't get lost and you don't get scared of taking the wrong direction. You tell it where you want to go and it gives you the step by step roadmap of how to get there - turn left here; turn right there - all the way to your destination.

Mentoring is basically that bridge across. It’s the roadmap, the step-by-step, your GPS. The emotional support. Everything you need to get from point A to point B.

Suddenly, walking across a bridge doesn’t seem too hard or scary does it? Fear goes away when you know what to do.


Your next step

If you want to learn more about how to start a business in an hour a day alongside your job, you’ll love my free webinar:

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On the webinar, I cover three secrets:

Secret #1: how anyone can start a business even if you don’t have a business idea yet.

Secret #2: how to drop the fear and doubt even if you’ve never had a business before.

Secret #3: How to build your business in less than 1 hour a day alongside your job… without any tech skills

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