Before I started my business, back when I was still working in finance, everyone else I knew had a job. Whether it was working for a big corporation, as a teacher, or even a barista - everyone I knew was employed by someone else. I have always thought that being an entrepreneur meant coding, asking for investment, or being a genius somehow. Because I didn't think I was cut out to make a success out of it, I held back on starting a business for so long.

My first big shift (like many peoples’!) was when I read The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. My eyes were suddenly opened to a whole new world of opportunities. I started reading Inc. and Entrepreneur all through my lunch break (let’s face it - as much as I could without my boss noticing!). I began buying more entrepreneurship books and devouring them every morning on my Tube ride to work.

But still, it didn’t feel real. Because I didn’t have any ‘real life’ examples of entrepreneurs, I didn’t feel like it could happen to me too. The hot shots like Mark Zuckerberg or even Michelle Mone seemed too distant from my own reality. Not having a network of like-minded people around me kept me stuck in inaction for over two years - and ultimately, this led me to burnout due to acute stress at just 24 years old.

However, interestingly, as soon as I made the emotional decision to become an entrepreneur, the networks all starts popping up out of nowhere! When you decide to take action, the support shows up.

Here are some places I found a tribe of likeminded people - I'm sure you'll find both friends and mentors here:



There are a great number of women’s entrepreneurial Facebook groups left, right and centre nowadays. Search for key terms related to what you want to do or who you want to get to know: “female”, “entrepreneur”, “Etsy”, “coaching”, etc.

I run the Living Rosy Community over on Facebook. If you’re excited to learn how an online business can offer you a Freedom Lifestyle, head on over and join us!



When I first got going in my business, I headed over to to seek out events I could go to. They were quite hit and miss - some were great, while the others are not so much. But over time, I would meet one lady here, and one lady there... I ended up building up a little mini tribe of women entrepreneurs I really clicked with. Every quarter or so, we meet up for dinner as a group and had a blast talking about our experiences in business and life.



Start following the leaders and teachers in your desired industry. Head to their events to meet other like-minded people. Personal development events for entrepreneurs are also a great way to forge connections with others. Meeting people in person gives you a much deeper bond than speaking online alone. Bigger online industry conferences, like Traffic and Conversion, will have a wider variety of people at them, but you’re likely to meet people you’ll click with too.



In my experience, though, the strongest bonds are forged in paid coaching programmes. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, you are all on a journey together. Whether that’s a journey to build your business or get past your money blocks, when you join a paid coaching or teaching programme you will all go on a journey of personal development together. I’m still very close with the women I took my first ever online coaching programme with back in 2014! Since then I’ve done many other programmes, and each time I’ve made firm friends with the others on the course.

Secondly, the course organizer often creates an online community for their participants. Not only is this a venue to ask questions, it’s also a great way to chat with your fellow members on a daily basis. Paying money for a programme levels up your commitment massively. It is fascinating to see how much more connected and vibrant my Freedom Business Academy alumna community is vs my public group, even though it has over 10x fewer people in it!


What’s your advice on finding like-minded people to help you with your business? Leave a comment and let us know!


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