Choosing a visual brand for your business can send a lot of us into a full-on spin. We are anxious about making everything perfect, we agonise over our website design, logo, and all those little details... so much so that we ignore the important stuff: marketing your business!

Getting distracted in the minutiae of non-money making activities is the fastest way to kill your business momentum. I realised this pretty early on - rather than spending tons of time on my site, I got a basic (read: ugly) version up and running. I didn’t spend thousands on graphic designers or a branding agency to help me - instead, I focused my investments on business mentoring and advertising.

Don’t let yourself get lost in searching for perfection. I challenge you to set your timer for 10-minutes per hack and run with the best option you find in that time! Then focus the rest of your day on marketing - your business bank balance will thank you for it. :)

Here are three steps I took to create a ‘good-enough’ brand that is still cohesive, pretty and reflected my business values. 



Go to a site like, Google Fonts or and scroll through their designs. You can categorise them by ‘look’ - like modern, romantic, and so on. You’re looking for one easy to read web font (i.e. one you that shows up as a text for your website etc.) and one more artistic or descriptive which you can use in graphic design.

You may need to pay something for your favourite design on commercial websites, but Google Fonts are free.



Have a think about the ‘feel’ you want your brand to have - calming, exciting, playful, elegant, modern, or rustic? Play around with adjectives until you find the right ones for you. This will influence the shades you go for.

I’ve gone through a few brand colours: I started off with green and pink because my brand was very fresh and outdoorsy, yet I also wanted it to be feminine. Then, I went through a hot pink and bright blue stage, because I wanted it to be eye-catching and energising. A few months ago I felt the need to shift it again, and it’s become more “grown up”: I wanted to keep the sense of freedom, which for me is being by the sea. The palette became hues of blue, gold, and beige, but the shades I chose were more pastel and soft.

Choose 3 colours which you can use: 2 as a base and one as a highlighter - like a brighter colour, or a gold, silver, or black. Down the line, you may want to build that out to 5 or more, but keep it simple for now. Use these colours and your fonts in all your branding to keep it all consistent.



Finally, skip the back and forth with the designer or the agony of creating a symbol for your brand right now. Just write your business name and perhaps a tagline in a nice font which represents your brand values (see the 2nd hack) and choose your brand colours. I did this as a stand-in when I just wanted my first site to go live and that has remained my logo for three years!

It’s industry practice not to use the same font as you do in your writing and graphic design. Make sure you can also write your logo in just one color as well. This way, you can watermark your branding.


Are you up for the challenge? Leave a comment and let me know! Also, come share your new branding in the Living Rosy Community over on Facebook!


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